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28 September 2016

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  • Bloodshadows: Fantasy-Noir RPG (Third Edition)
    Publisher: Precis IntermediaRating: 5Thoughts: * I like the openness of the world. Given how undocumented the world is, it's easy to insert pretty much whatever you want, from places to creatures. Doubly so when you factor in that the setting explicitly hasn't closed its doors to other dimensions. * I am a huge fan of […]
  • Genies (5E)
    Publisher: Tribality PublishingRating: 4Genies for Fifth Edition is not, as one might expect from the title, a book of genie-type creatures (though it does include four genies of legend) but rather primarily a book about genies and their magic. If you are thinking of including genies in your D and D Fifth edition game, this […]
  • New Paths 9: the Priest (Pathfinder RPG)
    Publisher: Kobold PressRating: 5If you've ever had dealings with real-world ministers of religion - be it a father or a vicar, an imam or a rabbi - you know they have very little in common with the average fantasy 'cleric' apart from devotion to their deity. This priest is a bit different from the clerics […]

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  • Can’t Read
    (NSFW!) Back in the basement, Dish soap, Fruit Ninja: the movie, Ghost Rider on SHIELD, Lotta TV talk, Wtf Dune? Reviews: Mag 7 & Deep Water Horizon. Stay till the end Jimmy interviews: Kurt Russell, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Gina Rodriguez & Peter Berg, Special guest: Kaitlyn Booth Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best […]
  • LIVE part 2!
    (NSFW!) Our 2nd show Recorded Live at 50west club in front of a packed house, last day of SLCC 2016,Leigh’s Live RPG on stage, Also news, with special guest Harley Quinn artist Chad Hardin, Rogue One gets a new composer, PacRim2,Hasbro’s new app brings your SW toys to life,RIP Zorak, Lots more, Listen NOW! Its […]
  • Live on stage part 1
    (NSFW!) Recorded Live at 50west club in front of a packed house, last day of SLCC 2016. Family v Feud. Also Broken News: Joe ManJello is Deathstroke. Geoff’s gonna fix it. Future Man. Alien Nation. Alan Moore says stuff. Jimmy reviews Sully. Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download […]

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  • Can’t Stop the Funk
    As all of you lovely readers can imagine, the guys and gals here at HGR are big lovers of videogames of all sorts.  We play as many as we can in the few short hours we get free from our hectic lives and talk about them any chance that we get with fellow nerd/geeks/norms and […]
    Scot Mackay
  • The Original Darksiders Will Be Getting A Re-Release
    Rumors stirred last week that we would see a re-release of Darksiders on the current generation on console and it seems those rumors were bang on as Nordic Games announced it is happening and will be called Darksiders Warmastered Edition. The original game will join Darksiders 2 which was also remastered for the Xbox One […]
    David Guild
  • Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
    After eight or so years, we finally see a sequel reboot of the cult classic Mirror’s Edge by EA’s DICE. Back in 2008 when the original game came out, it was a breath of fresh air. It was a game based on getting from point A to point B using a form of free running […]
    David Guild

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