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22 January 2018

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  • Player's Handbook Like A Fucking Boss
    Publisher: Kort'thalis PublishingRating: 4You gotta love Venger Satanis and his Kortthalis Publishing. He is out there doing his own thing. Doing to make the stuff he wanted to play with back in the day and if we want to come along, well great. While he takes himself far less seriously than other publishers, he takes […]

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  • 1/15/18 Y’all Hirin’?
    (NSFW!) Black Panther sets records, Star Trek: Discovery, Stan Lee, Galactus: Secret Origins, Black Widow, John Wick TV series, Walking Dead, American Gods, vegan accent, she sells bonnets, Kari and Kiki are back, lots more Listen NOW! It’s FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that PLAY button right there. The Download button up there ^ […]
  • 1/8/18 Stop Crying
    (NSFW!) The Last Jedi, Our spoiler filled break down of the latest Star War, New guy running DC WB movies, Animaniacs is back, Media says no to AmGods, Sally Draper is Sabrina, ReGifted, Ridley Scott’s Merlin, Nightflyers deets, Amazon giveth Amazon taketh and then giveth, stay till the end Jimmy interviews the cast of Paddington […]
  • 1/1/18 Oranges and Advil
    (NSFW!) Easy to treat, close hiker, Kerry’s dilemma, Thor: Ragnarok, She-Ra, Wolverine podcast, WARNING: Fireside Chat at the end, lots more Listen NOW! It’s FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that PLAY button right there. The Download button up there ^ has other options including the RSS feed. We’re on stitcher, iTunes AND google play […]

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  • HGR Plays: Star Wars Battlefront 2
    We took to the Star Wars Galaxy in Battlefront 2, got killed many times, managed to get some kills, all while we were talking some mindless nonesense
    Gary Mullen
  • Zwei Series, Zwei: The Arges Adventure Announcement
    XSEED Games, the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today announced that Zwei: The Arges Adventure, the first entry in the Zwei series from developer Nihon Falcom, will be served up on Windows PC via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store by Humble Bundle this winter.   Originally released as Zwei!! in Japan on PC, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable, Zwei: […]
    Scot Mackay
  • Review: Spintires Mudrunner (Xbox One)
    After a small delay, we’re finally seeing Spintires on consoles but under a new name, Spintires: MudRunner. What we have here is the definitive edition of the original 2014 game which sold over a million copies on PC. The original developer, Pavel Zagrebelnyj joined forces with Saber Interactive and has changed publisher from Oovee to […]
    David Guild

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