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22 January 2018

ZergID ~A Social Network for Gamers

After more than two years of development and testing by 10,000 gamers, ZergID, a social network specifically for MMORPG players, is entering public beta.

Alex Albrecht, former host, G4 and Revision3; and Scott Katz, former co-founder, Maker Studios; developed ZergID specifically to address the unfulfilled needs of the MMORPG community. These include:

* Reconnect with gamers ZergID members used to play with

* Organize and access all guilds and friends in one place

* Easily schedule play sessions

* Send push notifications to members not showing up for a raid

* Connect and start conversations with other MMO gamers

Albrecht and Katz are longtime MMORPG gamers, starting with Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online respectively. They created ZergID to solve many of the communication needs of MMORPG gamers.

Talking with Alex Albrecht and Scott Katz, co-founders, Zerg, Inc. is like opening Pandora’s Box of great ideas.

Albrecht HeadshotThese two have developed ZetgID a revolutionary tool that all online gamers can use any who play MMO’s truly need. A social network for gamers, designed by gamers, that not only speaks to gamers but truly helps them to stay in touch across multiple game platforms. The answers to my questions are a collaboration of responses from both Alex and Scott, so lets dig in and see what we can discover.

What is ZergID?

“ZergID is a social network for MMO gamers, where they can have a single profile that unifies all the characters they have played in different MMOs.  Through this single profile, they can find old friends they used to game with or make new ones.  They can also join and create guilds, as well as schedule events.  We also offer messaging apps that will push notifications from the website to users’ phone.”


What makes ZergID different than other communication programs out on the market such as Ventrillo, TeamSpeak, etc.

“ZergID is not a voice platform.  It is a social network, so communication is done via posts, a message center and an onsite chat.  Communications programs like Ventrillo and Teamspeak require users to be actively on to receive messages, while ZergID allows you to send messages to friends that can be received at any time.”











How did ZergID get started?

After years of playing MMORPGS and running into the same frustrations, we discussed this concept over coffee one day, of creating a website and accompanying app that would allow users to connect with their gaming friends without having to give them personal information.

How do you foresee ZergID changing, expanding in new ways in the future, to help gamers?

We want to continue to add tools and features requested by the community to make connecting with friends easier.  Some of our upcoming enhancements include: creating game specific character creation pages to allow for better customization of character experience, a full featured mobile app and better ways for MMORPG gamers on the platform to discover new friends with similar interests who they can start gaming with immediately. 

FrontPageScreenshotWhat game systems do you plan to open ZergID up to?

ZergID is open to all systems.

How much of a drain should I expect on my system while running Zerg ID?

None.  It should not impact your system at all.

How about system requirements?

A web browser is all a MMORPG gamer needs.  If they want to use the smartphone apps they need either an iPhone or Android phone.  We do not currently have a windows app.

What are the costs of using ZergID?

ZergID is and always shall be free.

ZergBlueLogoAs you can see ZergID offers us a new look at social networking and the fact that it is designed for gamers, it is the perfect tool for staying in touch with your gaming buddies for many years to come.

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