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World Of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor Release date Announced


World Of Warcraft – Warlords Of Draenor

November 13 2014

Yesterday we got a first glimpse of the new game in the World of Warcraft legacy. I’m left tingling and wanting more. As always Blizzard has given us just what we need.  A new story a new adventure! We see in the Cinematic trailer the turning point for Draenor History. Warsong Chieftain Grommash Hellscream turns and changes the fate of his people  giving them a new destiny. Here we see the rise of the new Race  Iron Horde.

Also there are great new changes to the look and feel of all the characters. This is a very welcome update.  As a loyal WOW player I have been awaiting the release date for a number of months now. I am happy to say we will have it in our hands by November 13th 2014!

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This new expansion has an extra perk that will undoubtedly increase the amount of new players and its a bonus for us old timers. With the purchase of the new expansion you receive one character boost automatic to level 90! That’s right, many of us have spent countless hours leveling several different characters and are very happy to have another Level 90 to work with.  So personally I am thrilled. The character modifications are very well done and improve the look and feel of the game.

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There is a number of other new and exciting things to see, including the series Lords of War which will give us a deep immersion into the back story. I can’t wait to get this game in my computer!  You can pre purchase Warlords of Draenor now at

World Of

Got to The website and Watch the Cinematic trailer for your selves, at

Warlords of draenor

If you have never played WOW before this is a great time to see what all the fuss is about. It’s like no other gaming experience I have ever had. 

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