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19 September 2019

World of Warcraft new patch

A new patch was released yesterday in preparation for the release of War Lords of Draenor in December.


6.0.2 The Iron Tide Crashes into Azeroth

The First thing you will probably notice is the changes in the look of your character. As promised they have upgraded the look and feel, the movements and overall structure of the characters.

human female 2


This patch has made changes to Human, Orc, Dwarf, Undead, Night Elf, Tauren, Gnome, Troll and Draenei models. All have been given a massive visual update. Higher Quality Models and smoother animations with more detail face choices.



As this is a pre launch to the  Warlords of Draenor expansion there is some new content to get a taste of the sweetness we will enjoy with the new game.  We get to see in the Blasted lands the first attempt of the Iron Horde invasions as the Alliance and Horde attempts to hold them off.

You can take a series of level 90 quests to earn some special rewards like the Iron starlit battle pet, and Iron Vanguard Title. A special level 90 version of upper Black Rock Spire dungeon is now available. Both of these are only until the full Warlords Of Draenor is released so get it while its hot.

Next is the Ability pruning. Over the years all the new abilities have added up and now there is just to many we can’t even fit them all in our action bars. So with the new cut downs Spells and Actions have been cut or amalgamated to take up less space and be more effective. Spells are there now because they are interesting and fun not just to have more.

Then there is the Stats Squish, don’t worry when you open your character page and see your Epic cloak has dropped majorly in numbers.


They have brought the numbers down by scale to a more reasonable numbers. Everything is squished down equally so you are just as powerful and effective its just the numbers that have changed.

They have changed some of the stats as well  Hit, Damage, Expertise, Dodge and Perry have all been removed from Gear and been replaced with Bonus Armour, Multi Strike, and Versatility.

Multi Strike :  Allows your Damage or Healing spells to hit multiple times.

Versatility: Increase amount of Damage you do and Decrease the amount of Damage you take.

Bonus Armor : Is a new stat for Tanks, it reduces the amount of damage you take. It’s just for  Rings, Trinkets, Necklaces, and Cloaks.

Valor and Justice points have been totally removed from the game. Don’t worry you haven’t lost them they were just converted into gold.  If you were saving up for something special don’t worry most the items you could buy with these points are sill available to buy for gold.


Toy Box  Collection

How much do we all hate running out of space in our bags? Well the toy box will help with that. For the things we keep on us just in case something fun goes down. You no longer have to carry around the fun things in your inventory they are held int the toy box and can be accessed at anytime.

Pre-made Groups Feature

When you open up dungeon finder you now will have the option to choose pre-made groups. You can made or find a group for almost anything.


There is a new skirmish feature allows you to Que up for un-ranked arenas to play by yourself or with friends.


I am so excited for this patch and it makes me want the new game more and more. For more info and to watch all the videos and read the patch notes right from the source go to  World Of Warcraft and check it all out for yourself!

Well Its time for me to get back to the game now so see you all in  Azeroth!

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