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21 February 2018

Wonderland: Retribution

The Origins Of Wonderland

Over four years ago I set out to define this generation’s Alice. The story you are all familiar with is almost 150 years old, where women were viewed a lot differently than they are now.That story took place in a fictional fantasy world with some basis in reality.   

Alice to me has always been an interesting character but she has never evolved as society has evolved.  Even Romeo and Juliet has been modernized and retold from many different points of views.   I saw this as a chance to tell a compelling, but different take on Alice in Wonderland.  During those four years I read the Adventures in Wonderland books a multitude of times, only to discover how rich the characters and stories really are. I learned that these characters didn’t need a fantasy world to exist, they could exist at any time in history and could have multiple incarnations throughout history.

My vision of Wonderland was born! The next thing I wanted was my Wonderland to be grounded and real so I researched history to see if I could build a complex but amazing story that had a real feel to it.

I went back as far as the 1400’s in England (the birthplace of Alice but not until 1865), and found that every 200 years there were some big events in history that support a compelling back story to the events that take place in the first movie of my trilogy.  

~Jeremy Lipsey

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