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22 February 2018

WiseWear Smart Jewelry combines Style and Performance

WiseWear’s Socialite is a smart bracelet designed to keep you safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most. Each bracelet serves as a safety device with a unique distress messaging feature, provides real-time mobile notifications, and tracks your activity. By concealing advanced technology inside beautiful jewelry, Socialite empowers you to feel your most confident on the inside and out!

The Socialite Collection are Bangle style jewelry made of gold or palladium. They are pretty cool in that they connect with your smartphone to alert you, silently, of texts and calls. They also have a really cool distress feature that is activated by spinning the device and tapping on it repeatedly. My wife, who was wearing the Socialite, was a bit nervous about the distress function being activated by accident. So we put it through a bunch of test scenarios and never had an issue.

Key features include:

Distress Messaging: In an urgent situation, tap the bottom half of your bracelet to notify your emergency contacts with a text message and drop pin to your GPS location.

Mobile Notifications: Gentle vibrations notify you to check your phone for important calls, texts, emails, calendar events and low phone battery.

Activity Tracking: Track your daily and weekly activity, including step count, distance, calories burned and active time. Set your goals and monitor your progress on the mobile app.

The bracelets are neat but definitely not a needed accessory. If you like this kind of tech they are definitely for the serious geek who wants to look good. The bracelet charges via a conduction pin which was a little hard to get use to but once you pass the short learning curve, works better than your standing charging port that can become encrusted with dirt. This means that the device is somewhat water resistant and can be worn during a workout or run. These bracelets make you stand out and mark you much like a good Rolex marks you. If you wear one, then people who recognize quality, will recognize that quality in you.

Setup is straight forward as it is a Bluetooth device. Once loaded and paired you can monitor step counts, calories burned and the like. The thing to remember with the WiseWear Socialite, is that it is jewelry first, but not just any jewelry, it is jewelry with a function. WiseWear, a boutique engineering firm, designs beautiful connected products that are fashion fused with threads of technology. Their debut Socialite Collection has a retail range of $295 – $345 and showcases smart jewelry made with invisible electronics and sensors; a seamless blend of fashion and function, so you’ll never have to sacrifice one for the other.

View the entire Socialite Collection here:
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