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22 February 2018

Wind Powerd Drill Turbine on KickStarter

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Two years ago we got the taste for this fascinating new wind catching shape when we saw it as a small Kickstarter project. The inventor Isaac Simons of Electrothirst was not happy yet with the design and canceled the project with promises of a bigger and better project in the near future. At midnight on July 12th 2016 the new Drill turbine was launched on Kickstarter.


This time we see amazing new features First off the 3D printed design is  even more eye-catching than that of the previous model. We see a great new holder that can be attached to a bicycle a beach umbrella a simple pole or even just sit on its own. We see it is equipped with two 90 lumens orbital headlights, perfect for lighting the way as you ride your bike at night or sitting on your pick-nick table to light your view while your playing cards.  It has a Built in 10,000 mAh Lithium-ion power bank with dual USB charging ports. Not to mention the incredibly efficient conical helix turbine (Dill Turbine) that spins to generate power with a gentle breeze or simply the wind you pass while riding your bike.


At the 15 hr mark we see that this project has been backed 20% of the way  since it was launched. It seems very clear that this is going to be the next big project to hit the world. Don’t you want to be part of it?



I was lucky enough to get the first interview with the inventor himself Isaac Simons of Ontario Canada.

me : Hi Isaac and Thank you for sitting down with me today.

Mr. Simons: Oh well thank you for having me.

me: So Isaac tell me where did you get the idea for the Drill Turbine?

Mr. Simons : Well actually I was just a teenager when I came up with the idea of a cone shaped turbine that to me looked like a screw or drill. I often would contemplate different ways to make machines more efficient but this drill turbine was my elusive butterfly. It was incredibly hard to manufacture. Through the years I tried multiple different materials. I had tried to cut it into wood, I tried aluminium sheets and many many other ways to create this shape but I had no resources and very little time while sporting my growing family. So  Everything always came back to How am I going to make this Drill Turbine.

me: So this has been a long time coming. When did you decide to 3D Print your Shape?


Mr. Simons : The Big turn around was about six years ago when I traveled into Toronto to see this Maker Space I had found on line. I stepped in and was welcomed by a room full of creative minds, eager to hear what I was all about. This place was called Site3. This is where I met Derek (TechKinght) he was running a 3D printer which at the time was a brand new idea. I asked his if he thought I could use a machine like this to make my shape? He said absolutely… but… It’s really going to be hard to design a completely new shape. I took that confidence home and started looking for 3D printers. Now remember this is back when nobody had heard of 3D printers yet. It was different times but I got one and started the hard battle of getting it perfect. Inventing a shape that doesn’t exist is not easy.


me: Wow! I see how that would be an incredibly difficult. So then you finally had your way to make your shape how long did it take you to get the first turbine printed?


Mr Simons :  It took a while for me to get the groove of the equipment and computer programming. Having the time to dedicate doing all of this in my spare time. With the support of my wife and kids I finally had a drill turbine printed out in 2012. It was rough and less than perfect but I held it in my hand for the first time and I was very happy.


me : So we speed a head to your first Kickstarter in 2014, It got us excited for the turbine. What was it that made you cancel your project then?


Mr Simons : Well like I said I had this in the works for so so long that getting it out into the world fast was one of my main objectives. I needed the financial help to get it into production but I was not happy with how the project presented itself. Once I launched the project I felt like I had rushed it and I really wanted to do better. I promised my backers that I would come back to them with something better as so as I could. They were all very sportive and I want to send a Big shout out to the people that backed the first Turbine!  It took more time and I  had to finance this entirely out of my own pocket so far, now 2 years later I am confident that we are at a point where we can proceed and ask the public for help. We need sponsors and crowd funding to make this product available to everyone around the earth that wants and needs free, clean, renewable power.




me: Well that is understandable Kickstarter is based on helping creative projects just like this one. We are very happy to see this project back in the limelight. So the project is live now what can you tell us about it?


Mr Simons : This drill turbine is the first of many! This one is meant to be used on your bike or out at the beach or anywhere you might need a quick charge. On your bike you can mount your smart phone and plug it in the USB to charge as you ride. The Phone mount makes your screen visible to you while you ride, this comes in handy for using GPS and Maps. There are headlights to drive safe at night and it comes off easy and without tools for you to bring inside.

This turbine is also used off the bike. Camping or at the beach just set it up on a pole or your beach umbrella or sits on the table and can be used as a light source. It can charge 2 devices at a time and can be used anywhere outdoors.


Me: You said this was the first of many turbines what do you have planed for the future?


Mr Simons: You will have to keep your eye on Electrothirst on social media to see what we will be working on next but I guarantee it will be very interesting.

me: Here is the links to all the Electrothirst Social Media

Facebook Electrothirst

Instagram Electrothirst

Twitter Electrothirst



me:  I am sure we all want to follow you and see all the great new inventions you come up with. Thank you So much Mr Simons for sitting down with me today and showing us this amazing new product.

Mr Simons: Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing what you all think of my Drill Turbine!

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Now you can check out the project here on Kickstarter for yourself! If you like this project please Share it around. Every like and share makes a difference!



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