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14 December 2017

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Whole foods are mainly defined by the ingredients in that food. Mainly a one ingredient food is a whole food such as tomato, potato, fish, nuts, grains…etc. When we start putting other ingredients into our foods they become toxic in some cases by adding more salt and sweeteners that can cause long term effects as aspartame is now being linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other defects. Whole foods are not processed with chemicals and artificial ingredients. White bread for instance has been modified and processed to be white with bleach or other chemicals, first by being stripped of the bran (which has the nutrients in it to begin with) then sugar and other kinds of chemicals are added into followed by adding the chemically processed vitamins and nutrients that were stripped in the first place. This makes no sense why didn’t they just leave it in there?

When the corporate fools take out the varity of constituents that are beneficial for our health and add the process things that should not be in there we don’t know what we are eating anymore. Apple juice isn’t apple juice it is made from grape flavored whatever they are calling it these days? I do not know just read the label next time you see apple juice and I am sure it’s nothing apple in there or one of the last ingredients!!

As for health benefits of fresh foods are antioxidants from phytochemicals (the natural process of fruits). The drug companies can sell you some derived form of these but they still do not have the powerful effect of the real consumption of the whole foods themselves!

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