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26 February 2018

Who is a TRUE FAN?

Today I saw a post on a Facebook Sailor Moon Fan page. It was a lovely note on how much this young lady loved Serena and how she made her so happy. I thought it was a sweet remark of how she really felt at that moment. A character that brings her pure joy. I know the feeling I am sure we all do There is at least one fictional character out there that we each admire.

This evoked a slew of comments posted below most adding their admiration and agreeing with her but there was a few people who wanted to sling mud. It’s my average of five. I find that if you read the comments on any post whether it’s positive negative or in between I find that the first 4 comments will be nice and the fifth one will be critical. The more comments there is the more critical ones you will find approximately every five comments. This is such a bad average! I believe the protection of the keyboard has helped in loosing basic manners and even making some overly critical.

The bad comment in this case was basically trying to humiliate this young girl by informing her that a true fan would know that her name is Usagi and that using her English name shows she is just a poser fan that doesn’t appreciate the Japanese background. Of course this is a simple-minded view with no real backing. Simply by using a name you can’t tell a person’s whole history. Besides who cares if you had just learned about it today do you have to wait a grace period before your allowed to talk about it?

This over critical attitude is getting out of control!   We  need to stop  it before everyone becomes just to afraid to post anymore. I am more than happy to hear a debate on facts and characters but out rightly being jerky is not cool! We need to conduct ourselves with dignity and kindness when dealing with others on the internet or face to face. Like Ellen Degeneres says at the end of each show, BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!

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