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21 February 2018

Whats The Song

The game that I shall never win. ‘What’s The Song?’ is exclusively available to download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A trivia game base don music is my utter bane. If it were based on history, politics, sci fi, literature, or damned near anything else I would do great but music is one area that I am lacking in knowledge.

In Whats The Song? you get to take part in a challenging music trivia game where you have to guess the title of a hit song! We all know someone that thinks they know more about music than everybody else, you know the sort who always boasts about how well they do at the local music quiz, well now you can see for sure who really does know their music with “What’s The Song”

The game is really simple to play. On each level you will get a clue and the how many letters it is and you have to pick a letter that you think is in the title. But watch out an incorrect letter and you lose a life!

10527317_1456891817902152_2153563309504219416_nThink you know what the song is? Well get playing and see how many you can solve!

If you need help then you can get hints and help you find song title.

Hints are!

Reveal Letter – Get a correct letter revealed

Hint! – Artist – Reveal the hit artist

Hint! –Year – Reveal the year the song was first released.

How many levels can you solve? Do you know your music well enough to be the best and climb the leader board?

Compete with friends on Game Centre and Facebook leader boards to see who really does know their music.

“What’s The Song? Is a fun music trivia game that can be played on your own or with friends, it’s incredibly addictive trying to guess the songs from the clues provided and with over 1000’s songs to solve will have you hooked for hours” Commented Jim Scott CEO of Go Games Ltd.

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