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21 February 2018

Welcome to Nerd Rage News

This project has taken alot longer to get started than we expected but the time has finally arrived and we have gone live. Our goals are to provide you with a source for all of your nerd oriented news. We will report on everything from Games to Movies, to Comics to Politics to whatever else we think is worth reporting. We shall be drawing our writing base from all walks of life. Our politics section will include Libertarian, Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, Anarchist, and other points of views. We shall not edit out writers but rather allow them to express their opinions on any and all matters. We hope that you will engage any of our writers with your own opinions by commenting on the posts that catch your eye.

Our goal is to recruit 100 writers by the end of the year. If you have the time and desire to write, please contact us and let us know. We may give you a shot and make you a part of the team.

So without further ado i give you Nerd Rage News…

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