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22 February 2018

We Kill The Dead

Every now and then a great idea comes along and surprises even the most die hard fans. One of those ideas came across my desk and I am blown away by the concept and the fact that it hasn’t been done before. As gamers we love to mix and match our settings and I have seen many crossovers with Star Wars, Star Trek, Farscape, and more. What I have failed to see is a truly good mash up of the horror universes out there. So I ran into this guy named John Leper, a Producer, Writer, and true visionary. We got to talking and he told me about his project.

What is The Blood Shed?


It is about a secret government agency whose mission is to combat thano-sapiens, undead killers such as Jason or Freddy. This first story of a planned trilogy entails Joanna, a survivor of a thano-sapien attack at her college, who enlists in the SSTB (Supernatural Special Tactics Bureau). Shortly after she joins, Jack the Ripper returns as a demonic being, last seen when SSTB leader, Nathan Scrimm, blew his head off with a grenade in the 80’s. Now Jo, Nate, and the more-than-slightly-disturbed Agent Cooper race to discover the secret to stopping the legendary serial killer while battling an army of thano-sapiens under Jack’s control. 

I understand that you got the licensing to bring more than a dozen horror greats into your new universe. Tell me about them.
One of the great things about the book is that we are being allowed to use 18 different slashers from actual horror films for cameos. We have access to Thorn (Slasher House, Legacy of Thorn), Dollman (Methodic), Gurdy (100 Tears), Porkchop (Porkchop 1-3), Black Knight (Dead of Knight), BBK (Gutterballs), Billy (Billy Club), Crinoline Head (Crinoline Head, Dorchester’s Revenge), Bonesetter (The Bonesetter, The Bonesetter Returns), Jonah (Jonah Lives), Verden Fell (FrightWorld), Jack-O (Jack-O), Stitches (Stitches), Blood Widow (Blood Widow), Mary Mattock aka Mary Hatchet (Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and Evil Highlander (Redwood Massacre), and a special one I can not go into details with because he is A List and I have a TON of terms of use guidelines to follow.  With all of these cameos, we are setting a world record for most separately owned characters appearing in one crossover comic project. After publication, we will be making it official with Guinness. 
This is truly a great concept, it would make a great game. Are you looking into expanding this if it proves successful.
 Yeah we have tossed around the idea of a video game and might explore that possibility down the road. Right now we are focused on the comic and getting the art right, the story right and pushing this thing onward.
Can you give us any insight into what you have planned for the future?
We got all of these great cameos planned and more to come. I am writing a great story that is heavily influenced by the Cthulhu Mythos and it will blow your F%^&ing mind. I am very excited and can’t wait to share this one with our backers.
What have you done to prepare yourself to make this a success?
Well I run this great website, where we talk about horror in all of its forms. I have been doing that for about two years now and I have owned the site since September. In addition to that I have produced four movies. At the rate I am going I will one day claim to have made a movie in ever country that was once a part of the former Soviet Union. I have managed to put together and awesome team and I can promise you will not be disappointed.
The campaign is running until Mid July and is about 10% funded so far. I will be backing this one and really hope that you will fund it too. We need this Indie Project to be a success. My hopes are that we get a comic and soon after a good Role Playing Game in the world of the comic.

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