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21 February 2018

Up to 80% off on these Pathfinder Titles

Not Going to PaizoCon?

While you’re waiting for all the announcements about upcoming releases and spoilers, grab these exciting supplements at amazing prices. Give your gaming group an unexpected surprise with terrible monsters or dastardly NPCs. Surprise your friends with the perfect spell. Try out a new race, or ride a badass vehicle while storming the castle.

Don’t pass up deals up to 80% off their regular price: Download these exceptional Pathfinder supplements today!

Click here to find Pathfinder titles from Jon Brazer Enterprises

Celebrate a LEGENDARY ANNIVERSARY with SPECTACULAR SAVINGS! Get 20% off the encyclopedic Gothic Campaign Compendium and 50% off every other PDF in the Legendary Games collection! Everything means EVERYTHING: Adventure Path Plug-Ins for the Gothic Horror, Pirate, Far East, Kingdom-Building, and Righteous Crusade APs; Ultimate Plug-Ins for the kingdom and mass combat rules; and Mythic Plug-Ins for monsters, magic, and more!

If you love Pathfinder, celebrate PaizoCon weekend in Legendary fashion, and save big!

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