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22 February 2018

Truth or Dare (2013) REVIEW

What happens when real fans of horror and gore make a movie? You get over the top, extreme film making that pushes your mind into places it was better off staying out of. You also get a film that has won over thirty film festival awards. Jessica Cameron’s Truth of Dare shows us that even hard core fans like myself, can walk away from a film feeling numb. The film is about the “Truth or Dare-Devils”; Jennifer (Jessica Cameron), Ray (Shelby Stehlin), Courtney (Devanny Pinn), Michelle (Heather Dorff), Tony (Brandon Van Vliet), and John (Jesse Wilson) and follows their sick exploits.

Have you ever wanted to see a pedophile, necrophiliac, and a sadist play a game of fame? Well if you ever wanted to see what that looks like, then look no further. Cameron gives us that and much more. She gives us levels of torture that are so extreme that my wife had to leave the room while watching and that is saying something as she sat through films like Cannibal Holocaust and the Pain series with little more than a frown.

At first this film moves slow and I think gives up a little too much in the beginning (things that if held back a bit would allow for a much more dramatic revelation). That being said, the acting is all around good and the gore is top notch. An unrelenting tidal wave that build slowly and then explodes through your senses. I came into this film expecting a borderline porn horror flick and was pleasantly surprised that the film offered so much more. If you don’t like blood you are in for a rough time as this film has enough blood to feed Dracula for a century.

So whats it all about. Reality TV of course, and isn’t that the greatest horror of them all. The film explores the psyche of fame and sadism. A crazy ride into the sick minds of people hell bent on getting their 15 seconds of fame. One of the best aspects of the film is all of the little subterfuges and obfuscations. The characters are multifaceted and this is a nice departure from your typical slasher flick. What the film lacks is a back story. I kept asking myself what got us to the point that the film opens with. Does this lack of back story take anything away from the film’s ultimate enjoyment? Hell no!!

I dare you to check it out as it is now available on AMAZON.




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