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26 February 2018

Transverse looks Awesome!!!

Humanity has begun its first tentative steps beyond its home solar system. However, the journey has not been entirely peaceful…

From the creators of MechWarrior Online comes Transverse, a galactic flight-based MMORPG set in a persistent, distant sector of the galaxy where industry, science and combat shape humanity’s interstellar progression.

When the division between humans on Earth and the trans-humans of the outer colonies threatened to develop into a system-wide war, the development of an interstellar jump drive offered an alternative and the trans-humans in the outer colonies were given the drive and a choice: integrate or emigrate.

They chose isolation.

Now immortal through the ability to transfer their consciousness into different host bodies, the trans-humans have multiple hosts that can be modified and improved to advance a pilot’s skill. The future path humanity takes among the stars is in your hands.

With incredibly detailed ship and station construction, massive solar-system-wide player events and real-time, physics-based combat, Transverse puts the power in the pilot’s hands. A fluctuating, real-time economy fueled by industry drives trade in a dynamic resource ecosystem, and player-generated contracts and missions can shift the balance of power at any given moment. Your reputation as a pilot throughout the galaxy will be judged by how well you fly, and the decisions you make.

Let me start with an introduction.  My name is Bryan Ekman, and I am the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Piranha Games.  I’ve worked in the game industry since 1998, and have had the privilege of working on some incredible game projects: BattleZone, Transformers, Duke Nukem, Need For Speed, and MechWarrior to name just a few.
Transverse started with a simple idea – What if an MMO had no NPCs? Crazy, right?  If there were no NPCs to interact with, what would a player do?
I can see the thoughts and ideas racing around your head right now! The players!  The players would have to be the shopkeepers, the quest givers, the trainers. The players would build the cities, the ships, and the stations. And boom – the whole notion of what is an MMO, has a new vision.
To borrow a phrase from Morpheus – Free your mind.
While you ponder the vision of a player-powered MMO, let me describe our vision for the Transverse.
The game
At its core, Transverse is a sci-fi MMO where players use a variety of spaceships to explore, expand, colonize, and conquer the universe. You will build and customize your ships to the needs of your role, whether it’s harvesting resources or fighting your enemies.
We want to empower you with tools and systems that allow you to create and manage planetary colonies, build space stations, be the merchants and traders, and maybe even build your own seedy bar on some dusty backwater planet.
We want you to form your own empires, define your own laws, and fight for control of the Fringe.  Most important of all, we want you to forge your own stories, define your own roles, and create your own destinies.
What is the Transverse?
Transverse is set in the year 2315.  Humanity has recently moved beyond the boundaries of our solar system, setting up outposts in an area of space called the Fringe. Humanity has transcended the boundaries of physical bodies and mortal lives.  In the Transverse you are immortal.  Your consciousness is free to move from one synthetic body to another. However, immortality has a cost.
Under certain conditions, when a player’s consciousness is transferred there is a chance of fragments being left behind. These fragments, called remnants, contain pieces of the departing player’s consciousness. These remnants are fractured, broken and incomplete, and they are dangerous.
All of this takes place online in a persistent, shared universe.
Making this game a reality
Transverse is broken down into modular chunks of work. When you make a pledge in the pledge store, you will contribute to the current funding goals which you will see outlined there. Each goal unlocks new features and rewards for those dedicated to making this game a reality.
The first module to be released is Spaceflight, which contains everything needed to take your backer ships into space.  It will include the ability to fly your ship around in local space with other players, change and configure weapons and equipment, harvest resources such as asteroids, and visually customize the look through custom colors and patterns. Our goal is to release this module late in 2015 to all of our backers.
After Spaceflight we will begin to tackle Exploration and Expansion, which include features beyond the core spaceflight mechanics.  These include moving into darkspace – our terrain in space feature – and beyond.  The Expansion module adds planetary colonization, trading, merchants, and markets to the universe.
Backers will see Transverse made as if they were sitting next to us in the development studio.  We plan to give you an unparalleled insider view on how games are made, by taking you inside the day-to-day workings of Piranha Games and the development of Transverse.
Bryan Ekman
Creative Director/Co-Founder
Piranha Games

Transverse is now available for pre-order via a variety of tiers starting at $30 USD.


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