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26 February 2018

Total Confusion is about to start

TotalCon 29 is about to begin and this year they are bringing in some awesome guests.

I am told by many attendees of the Con that they will begin filtering in as early as Wednesday night and then the gaming will begin. Officially TotalCon 29 begins Thursday February 19 and runs through Sunday February 22. I will be in attendance all of those days and will use much of that time to find and review as many new games as possible. If you are going to TotalCon and want to meet me, you will find me in the Hotel Bar Saturday evening from 5pm till 7pm where I will be hosting a book signing event for Blasphemous Cocktails. Also in attendance, I hope, will be my layout and design expert, Peter Bryant, and the wonderful artist who did my cover, Jay Libby. You may have noted that both of these two great gamers are also industry guests and they too will be hosting some awesome events. Most notably, the iNDiRPG Saturday Morning Cartoons where you will get to relive your childhood while playing games inspired by Hanna Barbara. They will even serve breakfast cereal, pop tarts, coffee, and orange juice. On top of all of this goodness, during the intermission School House Rock will rock with room and you are encouraged to sing along. I will be running a game inspired by the Smurfs and there will be many others inspired by cartoons like The Flintstones, Johny Quest, Josie and the Pussycats, and even Scooby Doo.

If you are able to attend, please do. TotalCon is one of the best little gaming conventions on the East Coast. I will be looking for game designers and Cosplayers to interview. If you me wearing the Nerd Rage News vest, come say hello. I will report on all that occurs some time next week.

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