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21 February 2018

Toronto Comicon 2015

Toronto Comicon 2015


March 20th-22nd 2015


Comicon was so much fun this year, although I am uncomfortably pregnant I still had an amazing time meeting all kinds of new friends. This convention was hosted at the Toronto Metro Convention Center on March 20th to 22nd. I had the pleasure of attending on the Saturday and I have to say this Con had some of the greatest quality cosplay I have seen yet. Adela Latex was there featuring a few great ladies wearing her creations. Like the Harley Quinn pictured above worn by the Fabulous Aggy Power.


I really love it when cosplayers mix things up like these girls here have. Steampunk has really opened a mecca of possibilities in cosplay. You can Steampunk anything in my opinion but hey I was the kid that loved the wild west and always wanted fashion to swing back in the direction of those huge puffy west dresses.


This guy is responsible for creating this amazing weapon work of art with his own hands. We tip our hat at you sir! What a great use of talent!


Vera Baby

As always I got to see the talented professional cosplayer Vera Baby. This time she was wearing her take on the always evil Cruella Devil. All she needed was a Dalmatian by her side.


I was so happy to see these great ladies! What quality workmanship here! I love these furry cosplay girls.


This was a personal inspiration for me. Look at the detail and the quality of each piece here. I hope to be able to do this good when creating my Blood Elf from World of Warcraft next year. This cosplay was perfect and beautiful even up close. Wow defiantly one of my favorites of the day.






At the very end of the day I was on my way out of the main convention hall when I ran in to this cool fella! This poor guy got stuck on the subway all day in his amazing Beast cosplay and didn’t make it to the con until it was all over! I am so sorry for this dude his cosplay was amazing and most people didn’t even get to see him. I am so lucky I stayed right to the end.

All I can say is each convention I attend makes me more and more excited for the next. I am looking forward to the FanExpo this year. I will get to meet “The Savior” Jennifer Morrison from Once upon a time. The amazing Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek and OITNB. And so many other cool stars including Mike Tyson! Yeah it will be a good time. Thanks for another great Con you amazing Cosplayers keep up the good work.

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