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21 February 2018

Top 5 RPG’s Ever Made

RPG’s have been with us for decades now. They started as tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons and soon evolved into computer and console games like Final Fantasy. When looking back over the gaming experiences we have had over the past thirty+ years we see that a few games stand out above the rest. You might wonder why we chose to mix tabletop and computer games in this list but how could we not when we are true gamers that play nearly every gaming system ever made. So jump right in and see what games have influenced us the most over these many decades.

#5 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st ed exploded into my life in 1978. the game offered me the chance to explore a fantasy world and become a hero or villain depending on my mood. The game was so influential that every RPG written since that time has been largely influenced by the creations of TSR and Gary Gygax. Without Dungeons and Dragons we may never have experienced a role playing game. What would the world be like without RPG’s? While the game system is clunky and dated by today’s standards, it still holds up as one of the greatest games ever made. AD&D has spanned for other versions and inspired thousands of other games. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Gary Gygax and TSR for the made my childhood truly magical.

#4 Alternate Reality: The City was created for PC, Commodore 64, and the Amiga computer systems. The game had pixilated graphics but offered many people their first experience at a computer based RPG. The concept was that you had been kidnapped by aliens and deposited in the city of Xebec’s Demise. You began the game with a knife and the clothes on your back and no directions what so ever. As you explored the city you discovered many dangers and with later developments you could even travel into the Dungeon under the city. Alternate Reality set the standard for RPG’s forever after. The game Diablo was heavily based on Alternate Reality: The Dungeon.

#3 Fallout 2 was in tough contention for #2 but failed only because the tie breaking vote had never played it. I feel cheated. Still this game was revolutionary in its design and story. The multiple possible story-lines offered tons of re-playability and the game was fun fun fun. The game kept rack of how nice you were as well as your reputation. These numbers influenced how non-player characters reacted to you. You could pick up companions along the way and ever had the chance to blow up a nuclear bomb. The game truly was awesome and today I still enjoy revisiting it from time to time.

#2 Final Fantasy VI came to us as computers began to change and graphics were getting better and better. It was a great conclusion to the best RPG series ever made and then the game kept getting made in newer and prettier versions.  The game has more great moments than I can count and for many younger gamers it was the best thing they would ever see. I always get a kick out of non-gamers who tout this game as the most memorable thing from their childhood. It truly is a classic and still has tons of re-playability even after all of these years.

#1 Seventh Sea, Roll and Keep version was the answer that role players needed. It resolved the issues of class based systems and created a gaming system that allowed you to feel like a hero. The introduction of the roll and keep system granted players an avenue towards adventure that was full of story elements and fast furious action. The world of Theah was both familiar and alien. The swordschools offered players a chance to play characters that were similar and very different at the same time. Magic in the game was limited but could be scary as hell. Words escape me as I remember the many hundreds of hours of great game play this system offered my tabletop gaming group. The game was later updated to d20 which ultimately killed the game but rumor has it that AED is thinking about bringing the game back to life. We can only hope.

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