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26 February 2018

They Call Me Mad

8965488When we think of the mad scientist we think of Frankenstein or Dr Jekyll. This is because of movie magic and the intoxicating belief that such mad men are mere fantasy. In They Call Me Mad,  John Monahan shatters the myth and gives us the true stories of the mad men that inspired these tales. Monahan, a science teaching from Baltimore, Maryland, takes us on a fantastic journey through history. He tells the amazing stories of great scientists like Archimedes, Newton, Tesla, Einstein, and more.

Monahan’s elegant prose is easy to read and he does a magnificent job of capturing the imagination. I knew the names and stories of all of these great men but the minutia of detail that Monahan brings forth educated me on a subject that I thought I was well versed in. All to often I find myself in the company of armchair historians, telling me the details of this man or that. In They Called Me Mad I felt like I was being immersed into the depths of history. I truly enjoyed the story of the origin of the word Eureka and even more so the amazing life of Nikola Tesla.

If you are a lover of science and history then this is the book for you. This book is one that I shall be buying copies of for many of my family. I hope that it will inspire my grand-kids into discovering an interest in science. I hope you will check it out and see for yourself.

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