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22 February 2018

The TSR Podcasting Network

As geeks we grew up on tabletop role playing games and the name TSR has been with us for many decades. Gary Gygax gave us dozens of memories and opened up levels of adventure that our own imagination may have missed. Now close to 40 years later the name TSR is shining bright once again. TSR has been giving us the awesome Gygax magazine but now they are opening up a whole new realm of greatness. A single podcasting network where TSR will organize and manage multiple podcasts under one roof. When I first heard about this I was skeptical but then I heard that Jayson Eliot, Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, and Peter Bryant would all be a part of it. You know the Gygax name and you know where the Gygax’s go, great game follows. Jayson Eliot has been the brainchild behind Gygax magazines and Peter Bryant is the Host and creator of Mythwits, one of the best geek orients shows on the internet. Watch the video and see for yourself.

So What’s the deal, what is this TSR Podcast thing?

Jayson Eliot, from Gygax magazine put together this truly innovative project where we are going to be some great gaming podcasts. Starting with two Podcasts that will run biweekly and opposite of each other, the hope is that “the network will grow with quality and quantity as time goes on.”

Mythwits did a great job of showing some of the people involved in this and in getting across exactly what you can expect. I can tell you that I am really looking forward to the network. I have participated in Cube of Death at TotalCon and I gotta tell you that the game show is very fun. I look forward to being a contestant again someday.

Peter Bryant said, “We have been working to put this together for along time and all of that work is finally coming together. Jayson wanted me to do more with this project but with Mythwits and my real world job I hardly have the time.” He went onto tell me that the two flagships of the network had just kicked off and that we should check them out. His excitement was tangible and kind of fired me up.  So I went to check it all our and here is what I discovered:

Lets look at what we have seen so far this season:


Season 1: Quest for the Orex

Contestants will compete to obtain pieces of the Orex, an ancient cosmic artifact that grants unlimited power.
Episode 1: The Subterranean Horror 
Our adventures journey into the caverns of “The Subterranean Horror”. This episode is fantasy themed and takes place in the dangerous and long abandoned caverns below the town of Izbeth. The Orex calls and our adventures answer. Only one may leave, only one may possess its power. Will it be the Bard – Hans Cummings, the Wizard – Shane Ballon, or the Ranger – Brennen Taylor?
S1E01 Contestants
Episode 2:
The adventures must enter Space Station Xenon. This episode is SciFi themed and takes place in a derelict and haunted space station. The Orex has been activated by a team of scientists and a great evil has been let loose on the station. Our heroes quest to possess its power. Will it be the Space Pirate – Mike Kafes, the Cyber Trooper – Keith Baker, or the Space Ranger – Jayson Elliot?
S1E02 Contestants
This show will give you a great interview with a game designer followed by a live game session showing off the greatness of the game. Have you ever wanted to play a game but didn’t have the time to really check it out? Then Game School will be the tool that will help you to make the leap.
Episode 1: G-Core

Game School talks with Jay Libby and takes a look under the hood of Dilly Green Bean Games’ RPG G-Core. G-Core is a superhero RPG based off of the classic Marvel Super Hero game commonly known as FASRIP. Jay Justice goes up against a mysterious red man in her demo adventure as her character Dawn tries to save her neighborhood. 
Episode 2: Godlike
Game School talks with Shane Ivy and Allen Goodall about the game Godlike. Godlike is a street level superhero game set during WWII. Chad Parish runs this episode solo playing the super soldier Plaster as he runs up against a band of Nazis. 
Episode 3: Torch Bearer
Game School talks with Luke Crane about the game Torchbearer. Torchbearer is a sword and sorcery RPG with an incredible and innovative new style of game play. We are joined by our new co-host Satine Phoenix and Luke runs her through a quick adventure into an underground lair of unspeakable evil. 



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