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22 February 2018

The Sexiest Male Nerds Alive

In the world of geek culture we often see images of beautiful women that take the spotlight but rarely do we see the male image that has defined the nerd world for many decades. I often ask myself why this is and the answer is elementary. Men started the whole nerd movement so the nerds writing the stories tend to write about the people that excite them. Unfortunately this has created an extreme imbalance in our perceptions. So lets try to level the playing field and look at the sexiest men in Nerd culture. These are the celebrities that we love to watch, and if truth be told, would love to know in the real world.

Jonny Lee Miller’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the hit series Elementary is one of the most moving and intense versions that has ever been attempted on the television. He is invigorating, analytical, and abrasive as hell but he is also human with serious weaknesses that come through almost every time we watch the show. Jonny Lee Miller portrays a nearly broken drug addict that climbs back into the real world with the help of Lucy Lui’s Watson who is not only a doctor but a wannabe nerd in her own right. I would rate Sherlock Holmes as the sexiest nerd alive but that only my opinion.


Brian Dietzen plays Jimmy on NCIS. His character was kind of in the background and slowly creeped into our line of sight and as he has done so he has demonstrated supreme acting and brought the character of Jimmy Palmer to life. Sure Jimmy is not a tough guy or even a fighter but he has character, honor, and a technical knowhow that is both humorous and precise. As a coroner, you would not expect this geeky little man to be sexy in any way but he has a style that draws you to want to see more of him. So we place Jimmy Palmer as our second sexiest nerd around.


While the series is no longer on the air, Chuck is the most awesome Nerd to have ever appeared on television. He definitely makes our list.  Zachary Levi plays Chuck Bartowski as a bumbling computer technician that becomes the ultimate spy through an accident of fate. As the series developes this nerd goes from one that you wish would just go away and becomes a self confident, strong, sexy machine.


While not technically a nerd, a computer automation qualifies in my book. Hugo Weaving‘s portrayal of Agent Smith in The Matrix was not only incredible, it was powerful on so many levels. He demonstrates hubris, anxiety, dedication, and ultimately, understanding of his place in the universe. I can not watch this series without focusing on how Smith grows throughout the series and how he demonstrates a mirror of the human condition. Very sexy indeed.


In the Die Hard movies we expect to see kickass powerhouses like Bruce Willis on the screen but in Live Free or Die Hard we saw someone new take the front and center of our Nerd Radar. Computer hacker Matthew ‘Matt’ Farrell is played by Justin Long, a guy who doesn’t want to be in the limelight. He goes from being an underground rage against the machine sort of guy to being just “That Guy” and transforming into a hero in his own right. This is the dream of all nerds everywhere and seeing it some to life in a film of this caliber was truly a delight. Justin long is not only sexy, he is cool too, and best of all, he outshines John McClane on the big screen.


Now this list is small but it is a start. What sexy men would you have added to the list of sexy nerds?

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