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22 February 2018

The Prototype

Italian-Argentinean Marcelo Grion is not new to film but as an immigrant to the United States, he has risked all to produce his first feature film in English. The Prototype is the culmination of over a decade of work and it is due to hit theaters, hopefully, later this year. I sat down with Marcelo and talked a bit about the film.

Please tell me about the cast and production crew?

The film relies on the performances of Mark Vasconcellos and Frank Spinelli as the two leads. Co-stars James O’Donoghue, Victoria De Mare, Bryan Kent and Tony Devoto complete the main cast. There are also may other talented actors that participated in minor roles and extras. Regarding the production crew you have to keep in mind that principal photography started in 1998 and since then many different people have worked on the film. It would be unfair to just name a few but each one of them gave the film their touch of magic.

333_36628361257_6774_nAnd a little about yourself and your experience?
As an immigrant in the United States I have been and still am fighting to survive and shine in the film business. I have risked everything I have to make this film a reality, including my youth and my hard earned money. I am hoping to see it all come together very soon. This is not my first film but my first film in English and self funded.
The concept behind this film looks great, can you share any tidbits about the plot without giving away any spoilers?
Without giving much away here’s a log line for the film: “A government agent stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to conquer Earth. Using a blue liquid created by the aliens to make soldiers stronger, he becomes The Prototype-the only hope for mankind.” I can promise you a strong entertaining and artistic experience in 95 minutes running time and with an intriguing low budget.
It looks like you had some great film locations, can you tell me about them?
Locations are different throughout the film, an entire sequence was shot in Italy for example, other ones in Los Angeles, other ones out there in the Californian desert and also in many different buildings and professional sound stages.
Can you tell me about the special effects?
Visual effects are the main star of the film I should say, easily over 300 shots are being worked right now by a studio in India and another studio in Russia. We are hoping the funding will come through soon enough to complete the most difficult sequences and release the film by the end of 2015-early 2016.
When can we expect to see the film hitting the big screen?
I have signed a distribution deal who deals with foreign sales and I also granted them rights to distribute domestic here in North America, so in order to have a shot at theatrical distribution few things have to come in place, like finish the post production with top quality visual effects, great sound, great editing and secure a deal with a well known American distributor. I can’t wait to invite you to the premiere! 

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