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24 February 2018

The Kitty’s out of the bag!

Magic Notion headed up by industry veteran Richard Franke is set to release its first game Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker on iOS next month. The Guildford dev scene has a proud tradition of creating some of the games industry’s most creative and successful titles. Magic Notion looks set to reinforce its reputation as a hub of innovation and quirkiness. Magic Notion was formed in January of last year by Richard Franke, who has worked at several Guildford studios: Mucky Foot, EA Criterion, where he was Creative Director, and latterly Media Molecule.   Their first title stars Kitty Powers, Richard’s alter ego, and is a unique new take on the Dating Sim with a very British twist.

Combining witty humor with stylish graphics, Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’s fun frivolous exterior is underpinned by some impressive tech, with dynamic dialogue and an in-depth simulation. This means that gamers can expect many hours of gameplay matchmaking procedurally generated customers, sending them on dates fraught with ‘Dating Dilemma’ mini games, and building up a successful and profitable dating agency.

Commenting on the upcoming release of Kitty Powers Matchmaker Richard Franke said “I set up Magic Notion to make games that are more inclusive.  I feel that for a long, long time I’ve been making games aimed squarely at men. There are a lot of products that are designed to appeal to girls and women but many of these are really shallow, sad excuses for games.  Our game is accessible to everyone and has depth and humor. A real game for real people! Plus everyone loves a British drag queen with a Monty Python sense of humor. Don’t they?”

Magic Notion also intend to eschew the current trend for F2P  Richard explains “I believe there is always demand for good quality, polished games that have a unique point of view. While I’ve seen a lot of products try to cash in on the F2P boom, now there seems to be something of a demand for premium products again. Products that you pay one price for, and then have the freedom to enjoy at your leisure. Maybe it won’t make us as much money, but I’ll sleep better at night.”

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