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24 February 2018

The Apology Service

The Apology Service Luke Pilgrim (I wonder if he is related to Scott Pilgrim) is making a film with a unique concept that sounds truly plausible in the mixed up world that is developing around us. “The Apology Service follows the story of a loner named Jackson, who is the top Apologist at his firm. Strange as it may be, his job is to apologize on behalf of other people. His closest companion is a quiet robot named AL-X or Alex. Along the way, Jackson begins to have these vivid romantic visions of a friendly co-worker named Haley. This shatters his reclusive identity and causes him to question everything, including his strange career choice.” This satirical commentary on society and social interaction as it exists today, looks to be an awesome little piece that deserves your attention. Check out the kickstarter and see if it appeals to you. I am enthralled with the idea.  

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