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26 February 2018

The Age of Apollyon Trilogy

When I first came across The Age of Apollyon Trilogy I was expecting your typical Christian indoctrination and a book about how turning to Jesus would save my soul. Instead I got a series of books about an alien invasion of sorts. The devil has come to roost in the world and everything is turned upside down. Satan doesn’t come to Earth with the intention of tearing down Jesus and Christians. He is an equal opportunity destroyer of faiths and goes after everyone, everywhere, creating a world in which the way to survive and thrive is to be the most evil bad ass fucker in the neighborhood. These books were actually capturing my interest and I read all three over the course of two days. It was alot of reading and I may actually reread them to see if I missed anything.

The story is a thriller and not very action packed as I might have liked but still captures your interest from the first couple of pages. The writing was good for the most part but I felt that some of the characters seemed rather two dimensional. I could overlook this flaw in the writing style because the over-arching concept of the book and the story itself was solid and it was this conceptualization that kept me enthralled over the weekend. If you liked the writings of Dan Brown, then this is the series for you. Throughout these books I explored so many locations and concepts that at times it was dizzying in its entirety.

So here is the gist of what the story is about without giving up too much. The devil, that bastard from hell, has come to town. He is hell bent on turning the world into his kingdom and has alot of people who want to help him succeed. Now come the main characters, Tourec and Patrick. These guys couldn’t be more different and it is the bipolar nature of these two brothers that pushes the story. The two protagonists go through transformations as the story progresses and it is these transformations that keep you wanting more. The story is apocalyptic in the extreme and for people of faith it may even be terrifying. A kind of prophetic horror story with characters that are edgy, gritty, and maybe even down right wrong minded at times.

If you want to read something truly different then this series of books may be for you. I came into it with a ton of skepticism and left it a believer in Marc Carver. He is as good as it gets for this kind of thriller and I can only now await for the movie deal.

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