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26 February 2018

Talyah Rodriguez from FanGirl to Cosplay Extraordinaire

I got to talk with the lovely Talyah Rodriguez recently. Talyah is an award winning cosplayer who has taken her love of gaming and turned it into a passion for becoming the characters that inspire her. I spend quite a bit of time looking over her portfolio and was truly impressed with her skill and passion. Lets see what she had to say.

How did you get into Cosplay?

– I got into cosplay in 2006. I attended Anime Expo and dressed as Aerith from kingdom hearts. It was all altered pieces I bought from a store. When I got there I saw so many beautiful costumes and realized that many of them were made by the costumer. It really captured my interest and I went home and immediately learned to sew and have been making my own costumes ever since.  
Are you a gamer as well? What games do you play?
-Yes I am a gamer. I really love the Diablo games, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Halo, and Borderlands.  
Where do you take your inspiration from?
-Honestly I get my inspiration from my daughter. She is constantly pushing me to do my best and I want her to pick up a fun hobby from this as well and some wonderful skills from it.  
Who in the Cosplay world truly amazes you?
– I have to say I am a huge fan of Kamui Cosplay. I got the chance to meet her last year at Salt Lake Comic Con and she was the sweetest person ever. She is very talented and what I love is that she will share her process with people.  
Favorite Cosplay you have done?
-My Night Elf Druid is definitely one of my favorites, followed by my Pirate Poison Ivy. They are definitely my most elaborate cosplays! 
Have you won any awards?
– I have won several awards. Best Duo at AniZona in 2007, Second Place in Masters at Amazing Arizona 2014, First Place in Masters at Amazing Arizona 2015, and Best in Show at Amazing Las Vegas 2014, as well as being one of the winners for the Arizona Republics King and Queens of Cosplay. 
What Cosplays can we expect to see from you in the future?
-Right now I have plans to make a female Immortan Joe from Mad Max, Johanna from Heroes of the Storm, and a Demon Hunter from Diablo 3.  
If someone wanted to meet you, what conventions are they likely to find you at?
-This year I will be attending Saboten Con in AZ and Salt Lake Comic Con. I usually got to the Amazing Arizona and Phoenix Comicons. 
How would someone contact you for a commission and what price range should they expect? 
-They can contact me on my facebook page or at my actual website My commissions range from $600+ depending on the commission.


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