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22 February 2018

Talking with Dave Simspon about Gamers on Games

I met Dave at Gen Con a few years back and since that time he has developed a couple of board games, pushed his YouTube Channel, and backed more kickstarters than I could ever afford. Dave is an awesome guy, intense, funny, creative. His intense love of geekdom is one of the reasons I continue to follow him. If you have never seen his videos on YouTube then you have missed something that we need more of in the gaming community. Dave brings us information about cool kickstarters, great games, and reviews of conventions while he is in his hotel room.
I caught Dave as he returned from DexCon, a con I had hoped to go to myself. He was tired and drained and surprisingly coherent considering his exhausted state.
Why did you start Gamers on Games?
 I started Gamers on Games to help give a more grass roots view of gaming.  In addition, it was a great opportunity to show how some lesser-known games are played and give them exposure.  From there it evolved into covering and promoting kickstarter campaigns, covering gamer-related topics (like women in gaming) and exposing the follies of the industry (like coverage of some of Games Workshop’s activities).  Only recently we’ve expanded from just myself to include Richard Galati, Joshua Tumbry, and Anthony Wilson.
Do you feel that you have succeeded at your goals with Gamers on Games?
I think our original goals have been met, but have evolved into new goals.  We’re increasing our coverage, and expanding our areas of coverage.
What exciting do you have planned for the rest of this year?
We are looking forward to covering ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS when it is fully released.  We have also started a Patreon account so that we can expand our coverage and improve our equipment.
Do you have any convention plans for 2014?  
Metatopia will most likely be included in this year’s convention rotation.  Aside from that we cannot be sure.  We do have friends at GenCon2014 handing out buttons for the vidcast.
Anything you want to tell me that I might not have asked about?
We are gearing up to do a “narrative tactical campaign” which means we have a storyline that strings together a number of tactical scenarios into a cohesive storyline.
I strongly suggest you check Dave and Gamers on Games out. It truly is a grassroots experience that all Tabletop Gamers need to have. You can find Gamers on Games on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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