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26 February 2018

Taking Offense at Cards Against Humanity

At a recent convention I was engaged in a conversation with a group of game designers. Many of the designers were people that you know of as you probably play their respective games. As such they would not want me listing their names in association with this post as so many people take offense at every little thing. We discussed things like stealing, murder, rape, racism, and more. In the end we concluded that while a game may have intricate rules for torture or killing, they must never have rules for slavery or rape. Why is this the case? Has our society hit a point that we do not care about murder. Are we so numb with violence that torture is commonplace in our entertainment. If you make a game that touches on racism you would be ostracized as a pariah of the gaming world. Many people even assume that if you play a despicable character in a game, that you must hold that character’s views in your own life. As such I must advise, that you never play a pedophile priest in any game less you be accused of being a child molester yourself. We have seen a few games over the years that addressed issues like racism and rape but in each case the game was met with such a huge backlash of anger and hate that to even mention those games in a conversation is to taint yourself with the stigma of liking them.


Move onto more interesting games like Tentacle Bento and you move into the world of the truly despised. For those of you unfamiliar with this game, it is a game based on Hentai and takes a comedic approach to the concept of tentacle monsters raping school girls. While the game itself never mentions rape, anyone who has ever watched a Hentai will immediately see where the game is going. You win by capturing the most school girls. The game is fast paced and rather fun to play but the making humor out of rape offends so many that the game has been bad mouthed across the board by gamers of every sex.


What about Cards Against Humanity. This game take every non-politically correct thing in the world and turns them into a game a pure satire. Yet many people are offended that the game even exists. They are not offended by the cards that imply violence or sexual deviance but rather by the cards that make fun of racial stereotypes and rape. I was raised to believe that if you can’t laugh about the horrors of life, then you should not laugh about anything. When I was diagnosed with cancer I laughed and cracked death jokes daily. When my wife was on death’s door in the hospital we joked about death once again. The family was not amused but we were. As such I recognize satire and can laugh even when the joke is in bad taste. Would you be offended at a Wanda Sykes appearance if you were a white guy? She makes so many racially inappropriate jokes that to be offended is idiotic. More so because you know that is what she does before you get there. So why take offense at a game for poking fun at you or your personal tragedy?

Life is too short to be offended by every little thing under the sun. And who the fuck are you to get offended by other people who are playing a game. If you don’t like the game, don’t play. I don’t get pissy at you when you flaunt your religion in my face so why should you get offended when I make fun of it? Games like Cards Against Humanity exist so that we can laugh at ourselves and our personal failings as the human race. It is games like this that show us the folly of our ways and allow us to make fun of that folly. Playing these games allow people to laugh so hard that they go home with aching ribs. They allow people to express thoughts and desires that may be best left unsaid but by saying them offers up a form of liberty that our PC society has taken from us.

We often say that we have freedom of speech in America but in reality we only have the freedom to express those things that are politically correct. I applaud games and game designers that push the limit of what is considered proper. It is by exploring these kinds of games that we learn who we really are and better yet, learn to laugh about our own absurdities. If you take offense at games like Cards Against Humanity or Tentacle Bento,  and do not take offense at games like Dungeons and Dragons or World of Darkness, then I truly worry about who you are. While the first games deal with socially NON-PC elements in a humorous manner, the others promote murder, theft, and violence to the extreme.  Hell a good game must have good combat rules, right? I find them all to be equally offensive to my sensibilities. I do however find them all to be filled with things worth laughing at and I hope that you do too. Life is too short to waste my time being offended. Instead I simply vote with my wallet and buy the games that I like and ignore those that I do not. Games are not made to offend, they are made so that people can have fun. So please play them to have fun and stop being such a stick in the mud.


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