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23 February 2018


  • Violent Murderous Oversexualized Smurfette is Offensive?

    by - Jan 28, 2015
    Recently I encountered something that got me thinking. I am participating in an event at TotalCon next month. I posted the following, “There is still openings with Saturday Morning Cartoons and A Smurfy Conundrum. Go sign...
  • Geeks and the Objectification of Women

    by - Jul 22, 2014
    Back in November (2012), Cameron Diaz told the British newspaper, The Sunday Times, it’s healthy for women to want to be objectified. “I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of...
  • Is Dr Who Sexist? Really!

    by - Jul 1, 2014
    Is Dr Who Sexist? Well who really cares. The show is about science fiction and follows an archaic format that is over fifty years old. As such it is to be expected that the show would...

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