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26 May 2017

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  • DNA points to millennia of stability in East Asian hunter-fisher population

    by - Feb 3, 2017
    In a remote corner of eastern Russia, where long winters bring temperatures that rarely flicker above freezing, the genetic legacy of ancient hunter-gatherers endures. DNA from the 7,700-year-old remains of two women is surprisingly similar to...
  • Dark matter still missing

    by - Jan 10, 2017
    Chalk up one more loss for physicists searching for dark matter. Scientists with the XENON100 experiment have largely ruled out another experiment’s controversial claim of detecting dark matter. XENON100, located in Italy’s Gran Sasso National Laboratory,...
  • ‘Time Travel’ tours a fascinating fiction

    by - Jan 8, 2017
    Time TravelJames GleickPantheon, $26.95 It’s kind of daring to write a science book about something that — you must remind your readers — doesn’t exist. That’s James Gleick’s task in Time Travel, an engaging and entertaining...
  • ‘Furry Logic’ showcases how animals exploit physics

    by - Jan 7, 2017
    Furry LogicMatin Durrani and Liz KalaugherBloomsbury, $27 Warning: Furry Logic is not, as the title might suggest, a detailed exploration of mammals’ reasoning skills. Instead, it’s a fun, informative chronicle of how myriad animals take advantage...
  • Warming could disrupt Atlantic Ocean current

    by - Jan 4, 2017
    Spewing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere could shut down the major ocean current that ferries warm water to the North Atlantic, new climate simulations suggest. While not as extreme as the doomsday scenario portrayed...
  • New blood tests can detect prions

    by - Dec 21, 2016
    A new blood test can detect even tiny amounts of infectious proteins called prions, two new studies show. Incurable prion diseases, such as mad cow disease (BSE) in cattle and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) in people,...
  • Science News’ favorite books of 2016

    by - Dec 18, 2016
    Science book awards this year honored best sellers as well as overlooked gems. One thing these works have in common — they’re all must-reads: National Academies Communication Award The Narrow EdgeDeborah Cramer Described by the judges as a...
  • Cells snack on nanowires

    by - Dec 16, 2016
    Human cells can snack on silicon. Cells grown in the lab devour nano-sized wires of silicon through an engulfing process known as phagocytosis, scientists report December 16 in Science Advances. Silicon-infused cells could merge electronics with...
  • 50 years ago, alcohol use was linked to several gene variants

    by - Dec 15, 2016
    A case for genetic drinking Whether one drinks at all, how much and how often are partly due to heredity, .… A genetic element in alcoholism “seems highly...
  • Gaggle of stars get official names

    by - Dec 2, 2016
    For centuries, stargazers have known which star was Polaris and which was Sirius, but those designations were by unofficial tradition. The International Astronomical Union, arbiter of naming things in space, has now blessed the monikers of...

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