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22 January 2018


  • REVIEW: The Zeeq Smart Pillow

    by - Nov 29, 2017
    The Zeeq Smart Pillow is said to be one of the comfiest pillows in the world. I have to disagree, it took me several nights to get use to it. The pillow is huge and I...
  • BOOM! The Chemistry and History of Explosives

    by - Jul 26, 2017
    By the title I was super excited to read this book. A chemistry guy who loved to blow things up in my youth, I was ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Instead what I got...
  • FAITH: A Garden in Hell ~ REVIEW

    by - Mar 24, 2017
    A month or so back I got a preview copy of “FAITH: A Garden in Hell”. It was a sort of starter kit including a rule book, an adventure book, four pre-generated characters, a deck for...
  • Truth or Dare (2013) REVIEW

    by - Feb 18, 2017
    What happens when real fans of horror and gore make a movie? You get over the top, extreme film making that pushes your mind into places it was better off staying out of. You also get...
  • REVIEW: Where Demons Dwell

    by - Jan 10, 2017
    Ryan Callaway is an extraordinary director. I have watched thousands of independent films in my day, and most require some degree of disbelief and if you are lucky the special effects are at least entertaining, if...
  • Steelseries – Awesome peripherals for your gaming needs

    by - Nov 30, 2016
    Recently I acquired a number of Steel Series gaming peripherals and decided to put them to the test. Lets look at two of them;   The first of which was the RIVAL100 mouse. A compact mouse...
  • The Wristwatch Handbook: REVIEW

    by - Nov 29, 2016
    From the Publishing house: Publisher: ACC Art Books ISBN: 9781851498291 Pages: 352 Illustrations: 470 in color, most press photos and some original photos sourced from interesting photographers Binding: hardcover Price: $85 / £50 A fantastic reference...
  • DRIPO Cold Brew Review

    by - Nov 25, 2016
    I drink coffee every day as many Americans do but I tend to drink traditional coffee brewed in an old cowboy percolator. I love my coffee but I keep hearing stories about how great cold brew...
  • 600 Questions: Art! ~ Review

    by - Nov 11, 2016
    600 Questions on Art: Beginner to Expert Like ‘Trivial Pursuit’ for art lovers of all ages 600 trivia questions on every aspect of art – learn while having fun! Who painted Guernica? In which museum can...
  • The Belgian Beer Book – Review

    by - Nov 3, 2016
    The British Guild of Beer Writers describe, “In The Belgian Beer Book renowned Belgian beer writers Erik Verdonck and Luc De Raedemaeker introduce readers to this unique culture. They explain how Belgium’s dizzying variety of beer...

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