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22 February 2018

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  • 600 Questions: Art! ~ Review

    by - Nov 11, 2016
    600 Questions on Art: Beginner to Expert Like ‘Trivial Pursuit’ for art lovers of all ages 600 trivia questions on every aspect of art – learn while having fun! Who painted Guernica? In which museum can...
  • A new Drinking Quest Saga is coming soon

    by - Mar 10, 2016
    We all love good games and most of us love to drink. This means that there is a kickstarter running right now that you gotta back. Jason Anarchy has made a new entry into the Drinking...
  • December’s Cosplayer of the month

    by - Jan 3, 2015
    December’s Cosplayer of the month was… Anna Farr Anna is a truly fascinating person! I couldn’t have asked for a better Person to wrap up this year. Anna works at a software engineering company, she is...
  • Play Me!!!

    by - Oct 1, 2014
      PlayMe: Alice in wonderdice is a board game that plunges 2-6 players between dreams and reality. Become one of Wonderland’s characters and be the first to catch the White Rabbit. Use different strategies, challenging your reflexes and...
  • Mars vs Earth

    by - Aug 19, 2014
    Geek Fever Games, a small game design company in central Connecticut, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for its flagship game, Mars vs. Earth!  Mars vs. Earth was originally web published as...
  • Conflicted, The Survival Card Game

    by - Aug 8, 2014
    I recently came across an interesting card game called Conflicted. The game is a social game that is played by imagining the worst possible scenarios and coming up with a plan to overcome them. As role...
  • Feed the Shoggoth!!

    by - Jun 28, 2014
    One of the most interesting Kickstarters that I have seen in a while. Feed the Shoggoth!! simply looks like an all around good time. Feed the Shoggoth! is a devious and fast-paced card game, in which...

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