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26 February 2018

Super Zero ~ Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have fifteen minutes to spare? Do you like indie horror and zombie flicks? Then you should check out Super Zero ~ Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse. The film comes to us from filmmaker Mitchell Cohen and is one of the most entertaining things I have seen this Halloween Season. The film is attached above and is a free view on Youtube which makes it all that much more awesome.

Youtube videos rarely capture my attention for more than three or four minutes. This film was fifteen and I was glued to the screen all of the way through. This is a phenomenal little movie with an ultra-low budget and some truly great acting. I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down to watch this one. So now it is up to you to sit down and watch it too. What are you waiting for.

Below is a random sampling of the comments about the movie.



That. Was. Epic.


A full movie like yesterday wtf guys a movie!!!!

Grace Knell TV

Love it!!! You guys did so well!!!

Juciey Boy

Can you make another part?

Jerónimo Villarreal

Excellent film, flawless in directive, very good actors, by far one of the best things ive seen in here.

Just want to point out one things….being an engineer is being briliiantly creative,. wel a engineer like he is.

Yaser Doud

 this is so cool omg i love it


Please make this into a series! It’s so fucking good!

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