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21 February 2018

Steve Jackson Games ~ Zany as Ever

Munchkin Love Shark BabyIn January 2015, Steve Jackson Games will be releasing some fun and exiting new products. The first on the list is Munchkin Love Shark Baby. Now if you were like me you are asking, “What the Frak is that?” Well I shall endeavor to enlighten you. Munchkin has always been a fun game and this expansion gives us 15 new cars for a mere $4.95. The original game has been played by yours truly at more conventions than I can count. As far as rpg style card games go, it is one of the better ones and is way better than that the dreaded “Magic” franchise. For one the game is silly and was made in the style of role playing comedy greats like Hackmaster and Knights of the Dinner Table. I love the game and think you will too. The new expansion looks to be great with its Valentines Day theme and awesome art donChez Geek -- Slack to the Futuree by none other than the talented Katie Cook!

The Second great release will be Chez Geek – – Slack to the Future. Obviously another whimsical game, Slack to the Future looks to give us 56 new cards to add to our Chez Geek collections. You will get tons of new activities, people, jobs, and more. What better way to slack off than to play a game that makes fun of everything we love to make fun of from the start of the digital revolution until today. The game Chez Geek is so fun that people like Wil Weaton play it. Watch the attached video to see what he thinks of the game. The Slack to the Future expansion looks to be quite fun and I hope it measures up to my favorite Chez Geek, the dreaded Chez Cthulhu. If you are a geek or a nerd or just a weirdo, then this game is one that you must play and quite honestly, Steve Jackson Games has done a bang up job on making fun, fast, and zany games. The expansion looks like it will cost a mere $10.95.



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