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22 February 2018

Steelseries – Awesome peripherals for your gaming needs

Recently I acquired a number of Steel Series gaming peripherals and decided to put them to the test. Lets look at two of them;


The first of which was the RIVAL100 mouse. A compact mouse that fits the hand and seems to work equally well whether you are left or right handed. The texture is great for the person with a sweaty palm as it seems to wick sweat away while you are busy shooting those pesky enemies. At just 1/4 pound, this mouse is lightweight and seems to be perfect for games that require fast response and lightning speed. The downside is that you might need to adjust your settings if you have poor control.


Once you delve into the included software you will discover that you can remap all six buttons and set up macros that you can auto-load prior to launching a game. The software was a breeze to use and I was able to adjust acceleration and deceleration speeds, CPI settings, lighting, angle snapping, and polling rate.


The mouse is light but sturdy. If you are prone to nerd rage then you will love this mouse. I slammed it on the desk and threw it as well and it took the punishment without damage or complaint. With the exception of a loose scrolling wheel this mouse out performed several of my other mice and has now become a standard in my FPS arsenal.


The second item I tried out was the Steelseries Stratus XL game controller. I for one am a PC gamer more than anything so I rarely use game controllers like this and when I do my game play is amateurish at best. Still it was a delight to use this controller. At first glance it reminded my of my old Playstation controllers but this controller is meatier and fit my large hands much better. I tried the controller on sever FPS games as wells as a few MMORPG’s and it worked seamlessly with all. The game it seemed to click with best for me was Champions Online. There is something about a game controller that seems to make superhero games come to life.

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The Joysticks seemed a little loose to me but that might be my desire for everything to be tight and solid. It did not impair game play at all and I suspect gamers with more controller play than myself might not have issue with the feel. I saw a fraction of a delay between my wired mouse and the bluetooth connection. Only in FPS games did it seem to make any difference and that difference was in miliseconds. Hardly worth mentioning unless you are a competition level gamer.


When I started using the controller with my Android it came to life. The games ran flawlessly and my scores rose dramatically. The only problem I can note is that several of the games I tried it with were not compatible. Still for FPS games the controller was one of the best experiences I have had on a smartphone.


As with the Rival 100, the controller has a bunch of customization options and the engine for modding it looked like the same engine used for the mouse. This makes the device exceptionally robust for the casual gamer all the way up to the hardcore gamer. If you like to play mobile games, I suspect there is nothing better on the market.

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