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21 February 2018

Star Wars – The Force Awakens – SDCC Behind the Scenes Reel

Mark Hamill - SDCC 2015 - Copy

Many of those of us who grew up in the 70’s, remember the behind-the-scenes glimpses that were critical to the Star Wars Experience.  In the days before the Internet, the Wikipedia, the Wookipedia, the video games, the Role Playing Games by West End and the Expanded Universe by LucasBooks, there were three ways continue enjoying the movies.

The first was to play with KENNER toys.  The second was to wear out your first VCR tapes.  The third was to dive into the Behind-The-Scenes materials.

Whether it was to soak in the documentaries about the making of the magic behind the myths or spending hours pouring over Ralph McQuarrie sketchbooks, behind-the-scenes glimpses have been a part of the connection between The Maker and The Fans since 1976 with a tiny booth at the 1976 San Diego Comic-Con manned by Mark Hamill and a small team of creatives and publicists.

So, it is a welcome sight that this tradition of sharing between The Makers and The Fans continues with the wonderful Behind-The-Scenes reel presented at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.  And now, with the Internet…it can be shared with the world of fans.

You can click on this image to follow a link to the video itself:

Capture 083

But if you would prefer to take a slower look at this wonderful video, take your time and go back through these images  It might be more to your pace.  Enjoy!  May the Force Be With You.

– Rosie

Capture 082a

Capture 082

Capture 081

Capture 080

Capture 079a

Capture 079

Capture 078

Capture 077

Capture 076

Capture 075

Capture 074

Capture 073b

Capture 073a

Capture 073

Capture 072

Capture 071

Capture 070

Capture 069

Capture 068

Capture 067

Capture 066

Capture 065

Capture 064b

Capture 064a

Capture 064

Capture 063

Capture 062c

Capture 062b

Capture 062a

Capture 062

Capture 061

Capture 060

Capture 059

Capture 058

Capture 057

Capture 056

Capture 055

Capture 054

Capture 053a

Capture 053

Capture 052a

Capture 052

Capture 051

Capture 050b

Capture 050a

Capture 050

Capture 049

Capture 048a

Capture 048

Capture 047

Capture 046

Capture 045

Capture 044

Capture 043

Capture 042

Capture 041

Capture 040

Capture 039

Capture 038

Capture 037

Capture 036

Capture 035

Capture 034

Capture 033

Capture 032

Capture 031

Capture 030

Capture 029

Capture 028

Capture 027

Capture 026

Capture 025

Capture 024

Capture 023

Capture 022

Capture 021

Capture 020

Capture 019

Capture 018

Capture 017

Capture 016

Capture 015a

Capture 015

Capture 014

Capture 013

Capture 012d

Capture 012c

Capture 012b

Capture 012a

Capture 012

Capture 011

Capture 010

Capture 009

Capture 008

Capture 007

Capture 006

Capture 005

Capture 004

Capture 003

Capture 002

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