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22 February 2018

Speculate offers layers of Sci Fi goodness

We discovered an interesting Science Fiction comic book anthology that looks quite promising. Speculate is currently running on IndieGoGo. Speculate is the brainchild of Drew Ford. Ford has a long track record in the comic world and I was fortunate enough to talk with him about his project.

What is Speculate? 
Speculate is a genre-themed comic book anthology, with each issue focusing on a different genre.  This first issue’s focus is Science Fiction.  Future issues will focus on Fantasy, Horror, Crime or Weird Fiction that doesn’t fit nicely enough into one of the other categories. 
What makes this comic book better or different than others on the market?
I would not want to say better, because taste is subjective, but what makes Speculate different is that tight focus each issue will have on one genre.  Other anthologies on the market will, in any given issue, have a wide variety of stories.  There is nothing wrong with that, but I just thought it would be more interesting to give fans an entire issue of stories focused on one genre, each time it is published.  Similar to the old horror, crime and science fiction anthologies comics that EC put out back in the day.
What experiences are you bringing to the table that will help this project succeed?
I have been writing, editing and publishing comics (in one form or another) for over 20 years.  I started, like many, in the underground.  Worked my way up to the smaller full size indy publishers, and most recently have written for DC.  Next year, a graphic novel I wrote, entitled Steam (with incredible artwork by Duane Leslie), will be coming out from Dark Horse.  I never went shopping for a publisher with Speculate because it’s an experiment in comic book anthology publishing, and I didn’t want to put that on any one publisher.  I thought it best to strike out on my own with this one!
So many crowdfunding campaigns fail to give what they promise. What assurances do fans have that your will get out on time and be a quality product?
The stories, except for some lettering corrections, are finished.  The art is done. That is a big plus in the “coming out on time” side of things.  Because of that, there is no reason why this book shouldn’t come out on time.  I simply need the funds to finish lettering the stories, design the book, print it and of course ship it.  The work, for the most part, is done.  We just need a little financial help to get the book into readers hands.
Anything else you want to tell us?
Only that I am really proud of this little experiment in publishing, and I hope folks will see the poterntial behind what I am doing.  I would also like to thank Nerd Rage News for helping spread the word about my crowd-funding campaign.  Without sites like yours, projects like this would never get funded.

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