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22 January 2018

Silent Hill’s Melissa Ann Marie Farley

If you have seen Silent Hill Internal Prison then you have been treated to the wonderful actress, Melissa Ann Marie Farley. She portrays a vile creature addicted to power. Melissa’s portrayal of Claudia was phenomenal and got me to thinking about the actress behind the character. I tracked her down and asked her a few questions. Her answers were enlightening and gave real insight into just who Melissa Farley really is.


You have been in fifteen films that I know of, which one was your favorite and why? melsmileSmall

Actually I’ve been in over 20, but it’s cool that you know of that many! ‘Grief’ directed by Kevin R. Phipps, was probably my favorite because it was a really complex character and we filmed for over a year since we had an indie budget. I played an oxy-addicted, wino that was 9 months pregnant in a really dark, twisted story involving an ensemble cast. A lot of people are considering it horror but the director is calling it a “Psychological thriller.” It should be out sometime later this year. I do have a soft spot for my first feature film though, “Run For Your Life” directed by Christopher Sheffield. We shot it in two weeks up in Yuma, Arizona which is pretty much Hell on earth if the devil wanted to own farmland in the middle of nowhere. But the whole cast and crew stayed in a house for two weeks and we became this little family. It was some great memories. 
What was the most interesting thing a director has asked you to do for a film?
I had a director that asked me to not speak for a week before we shot because it was a film about two crazy people that are both mutes and he wanted me to have the feeling and understanding of not using my voice to communicate. That we pretty hard actually. 
In Silent Hill Internal Prison, you play Claudia, what can you tell us about her? 
I was so excited to play a straight-up, hardcore classic villain. She’s ancient evil and powerful and it is a lot of fun to just let your wicked side come out. Claudia really doesn’t have any consideration for humanity or anyone else and is solely focused on obtaining immortality and more power. 
The Silent Hill series is a classic of cinema and gaming. Have you ever played the game? 
I’ve played but I’m really terrible at video games. It’s really quite pitiful. Doesn’t seem as sad though if you play drinking games while you play though. Ha! 
You should try playing while drinking my Blasphemous Cocktails. Do you play any other games?
Does duck hunt count? Don’t judge me!!! 
Haa Haa, as someone who plays Candy Crush, I am hardly one to judge. Do you ever get creeped out watching the films you have appeared in?
Actually yes, I have, but most of that is due to effects and stuff the makeup artists and CGI experts are able to pull off. It’s really insane how realistic they can make things looks so a lot of time when you’re filming something, you’re so focused in the moment that you’re not fully taking in the whole scene visually so then we see it it’s like “Wow! I had no idea it looked that creepy!” 
I assume by the list of movies you have appeared in that you are a fan of horror. So what are your favorite horror films and/or books? 
I like classic horror that has a vintage feel to it, so all of those films made in the 20’s and 30’s like ‘Dracula’ and ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and I have some buddies working on a behind the scenes documentary film on the ‘Friday the 13th” series so I’m a big fan of those. ‘ A Nightmare on Elm Street’ was the first horror film I ever saw and it’s still probably my favorite. I still watch the ‘Addam’s Family’ and ‘The Munsters’ all the time. 
Dream job, you get to choose your director and cast, who would you like to make a film with? 
What?! Oh snap that’s hard. Ok I mean no actor would not want to be in a film directed by Spielberg and my cast would be Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Christian Bale (Pretty much every Chris in the world), Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum and me and Emma Stone kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. 
  1557668_803817666295623_5917106767453072625_nDo you ever do fan conventions? If so which ones? 
I go to Phoenix Comicon, Wondercon and SDCC every year and this year I’ll be hitting Cinema Con in Vegas. 
Are you working on anything new right now? 
I sure am! 
Can you tell me about it?
I just wrapped on a film called ‘Plunge’ which is a pretty raw, gritty film where I play a meth addict named Nikki. I also just booked a role in a horror series called ‘Welcome to Autumndale’ which is in it’s fundraising stage right so please go donate if you can to ! In May, I shoot sort of a modern day ‘Thelma and Louise’ called “Tail’ which will be a blast and I’m actually working on my first short film that I wrote and will be acting in and directing called ‘Birthday Girl’ which has a major dark, twisted ending. I’ll be starting work on a series in May too, but I can’t give any details on that one just yet!
You can discover more about Melissa at any of the following links:
Twitter: @MelFarleyActor 

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