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21 February 2018

Sidekicks -The real heroes

I spoke with Russell Brettholtz about his kickstarter, Sidekicks. It looks like a great comic book and really needs your support. Please go check it out.



What is sidekicks?

Sidekicks is a four issue comic book mini-series that follows the lives of five super-hero sidekicks as they get disrespected by the heroes they work with, ignored by the media, and taken for granted by society in general.  The sidekicks have had enough.  But what will they do, and what impact will that have on the city they call home?
What distinguishes your comic from others on the market?
There are very few super-hero comics that focus on the sidekicks.  After all, they’re just the sidekicks.  But even in those that do, the heroes always bring a certain amount of respect and gratitude to those who work with them.  In my personal experience working in an assistant capacity (as an assistant to a financial planner, but this would also apply to nurses, paralegals, secretaries, etc…), you almost never see that kind of treatment from your superior.  I wanted to bring that experience to the world of super-heroes.
Why kickstarter?
I am not an artist.  I’m also a big believer in paying your artist at the time they do the work for you (I’ve read enough stories about “back-end” deals to know that they’re basically asking the artist to work for free).  I spent two years selling my personal comic book collection to raise money to pay an art team to complete Sidekicks.  I came within $1000 of being able to finish the first issue.  So last year, I took Sidekicks to Kickstarter to raise the money to finish the first issue.  It was a huge success.  Not only was I able to finish the first issue, but also the pencils for issues #2-4 AND begin the inks.  But then the money ran out, and the comic book sales from my personal collection dried up, so it’s back to Kickstarter.  I am a big fan of the platform.  It is a game changer for independent creators like me who otherwise wouldn’t be able to raise the money for their projects.
Can you offer assurances of a timely release and a quality product?
As mentioned, the pencils are complete and the inks started (one issue is already completely inked).  I have set the release date for June, 2015, which should give my art team plenty of time to complete the project.
As for a quality product, issue #1 was penciled by the incredible Miguel Mendonca.  He is currently killing it on Zenescope’s The Little Mermaid, which is why he was, unfortunately, unable to continue with the series.  But picking up for him is Bong Dazo.  Bong’s amazing work can be found in Marvel’s Avenger’s: The Initiative, and Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth (among many others).
On inks I have Rick Ketcham.  Another seasoned pro, his current work includes Dark Horse’s Conan / Red Sonja.
And rounding out the art team is Sara Machajewski on colors (Dynamite) and HdE on letters (Big Dog Ink).
Anything else you would like to add?
I’ll admit it, my path to Sidekicks started as nothing more than a comic book fan in high school and college, writing X-Men fan fiction.  I never imagined I would one day have a script for an entirely original series, let alone succeed in bringing on an art team to create it.  But it happened.  And it happened because of the love and respect I have for comic books as a medium and super-heroes as a genre.  Not to mention because of websites like Kickstarter that allow independent creators to pitch their stories to the masses and allow them to decide if they want to read it (as opposed to the original model of pitching to indiviudal publishers and hoping they will share your passion and vision).
And a huge thank you to Nerd Rage News for helping to spread the word about Sidekicks and other independent comic books.  It is very difficult for creators to be heard over the noise of the Big Two, but thanks to you, we have a voice.

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