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21 January 2018

Shady Dawn Pictures brings us a home invasion nightmare

You guys know that I love Ryan Callaway and his films. He proves that with a great story, budget doesn’t matter. His films are great and I am super excited by the current one. Especially since I know a little more than I can tell you and can’t wait to actually see it. Ryan Callaway, his producer/wife Amy, and the rest of the team at Shady Dawn Pictures are already working on their next horror/thriller “Messenger of Wrath”.  A home invasion film about a resilient 12 year old girl named Three who is alone one night when masked intruders break in.  She manages to escape from them only to flee back to the house after encountering something more dangerous lurking in the woods.

Shady Dawn Pictures’ prior films include “The Girl in the Cornfield” movies, the first of which had a modestly successful release last year.  On Amazon Prime, between October 12th and the 31st, over 400,000 minutes of The Girl in the Cornfield were watched by viewers in the U.S. alone.  The actual money spent making it was only around $1,000 as the equipment was left over from a prior production and most locations were donated.
Their next film is decidedly more ambitious than any they’ve tackled in the past.  “It’s not necessarily a bigger story than ‘Where Demons Dwell’, but it will have more effects, a larger core cast, and a different type of antagonist,” Ryan Callaway said.  “While the villain(s) in this story do stay in the shadows for most of the film, unlike the supernatural threats in prior movies, they also have the ability to inflict physical violence on another level.  We’ve done pretty well pulling off some cool things for very little money.  But to take it to that next level, we will need help which is why we decided to try an indiegogo.”
 While they gathered the budget to begin filming, SDP is reaching out to viewers to help raise funds to complete the project.  The script calls for a higher body count than previous films and some characters meet particularly brutal demises.  There will also be more advanced choreography, a wider variety of locations, props(weapons) and newer techniques and equipment to make a more visually compelling story.
For assistance, Ryan, Amy, and Producer Sabine decided to put together an Indiegogo Fundraising effort with a number of perks such as premiere tickets, producer credits, memorabilia and more.
Ryan Callaway said, “We need your help to complete this thrilling home invasion film “Messenger of Wrath”, in which a 12 year old girl named Three gets entangled with several masked intruders who are on the run from an ominous figure lurking in the woods. With a number of scripted stunts, unique costumes, and special effects, it’s one of our most ambitious projects yet. We want everything to look as good as possible and with your help we can accomplish that.”
Check it out and consider becoming a part of this upcoming independent film.

You can keep up with Ryan and his team at and

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