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22 February 2018

Sanctum: Expanding the World of Harry Potter

As nerds we fall into many subgenres but it seems that most nerd, regardless of subgenre, love Harry Potter. Maybe it is the thought of the outcast being the hero. Maybe it is magic and sorcery and mythical beasts. Whatever the case, Harry Potter has been ingrained into our psyche for decades to come. As a result of this phenomenon we see literally thousands of fan fictions appearing all over the internet. Several more motivated individuals have made fan films. One such film has caught my attention. Sanctum is currently on Kickstarter and the trailer looks great. I tracked down the Director, Alex Orea, and he granted me a quick interview.


What Is Sanctum?

Sanctum is a dark fantasy residing in the world of Harry Potter in a time before Lord Voldemort.  In a battle between light and darkness, Lucius, an apprentice to the powerful queen of darkness, Zabravia, is ordered to capture and execute his brother Elias in a pitiful attempt to redeem himself for living in his brothers shadow all his life and become king of Dominia. Meaningless as to where he stands between light and darkness, Lucius is faced with the challenge and must choose who his loyalty lies with.  Lucius realizes the light within, redeeming himself by saving his brothers life, taking down Zabravia, avenging his parents death and restoring balance to the kingdom.

How did this idea develop?
I was listening to music to gain inspiration and I listened to the The Hall of Prophecies song from the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack and the idea was born. I envisioned the scene with the two brothers and instantly came up with the premise of the film, also gaining inspiration from the idea of brothers from the story of Cain and Able from the bible. My brother Eddie Orea believed in the potential of the idea and we developed the script together and created a backstory in order to flesh out the characters and their motives leading up to the events in the film.  We chose the name Sanctum because it means sacred or holy place and the film begins and ends in the “Sanctum”. My brother and I are huge fans of the Harry Potter and we thought it would fun to create our own story inspired by the brilliant world created by JK Rowling.
What experience do you have with film making?
I currently attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA delving deeper and deeper into the art filmmaking, my ideas are ambitious, but as for now I have made a few small shorts as assignments, but not quite as reflective of my potential as this one. Mystery and darkness are prevalent themes in my work and is what intrigues me the most. This will be my first film which encapsulates everything I’ve learned so far while attending Art Center in terms of storytelling and creating characters. I wanted to challenge myself and create something on a larger scale treating it like an actual movie. What better way to learn than to dive right in it. As any person with a passion you’re constantly learning and perfecting your craft and should be pushing yourself to your fullest potential. I’m inspired by films that push the boundaries of cinema in new and interesting directions such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Enter the Void and Under The Skin.
Can you tell me about the key members of the crew and cast?
We have a really awesome and dedicated team, our talented Cinematographer is Art Center Alumni, Austin Serr, he’s shot everything form narratives, commercials, and documentaries and truly believes in immersion through cinematographic language. Our producer is my talented older brother Eddie Orea, who is also music producer/ DJ who has experience from producing his music video Television Trance . We are happy to have a very talented cast starring Nicholas McLeod, Tory Taranova and Jeremy Gladen. They’re an awesome group of people and we all got along right from the beginning, it was the first time they’ve ever done something on this scale and had a fun time being apart of it. Our team is very passionate and dedicated to their craft.
How do you intend to spend the $5,000 you are asking for on the Kickstarter?
Our top priority is to raise enough money to pay our crew for their hard work, it is also going towards equipment, catering, a composer, post production and visual fx. We did set a modest amount for the kickstarter as being our first time, but if enough fans and supporters see this it would be great if could raise more than we hoped for to better ensure the quality of this project. We also want to reward and express our full gratitude to those that donate!
11When do you expect the film to be available for public consumption?
We’re shooting in the last missing “chase” scene between Lucius and his brother Elias in the first week of the November in Los Angeles National Forest so we hope the final cut will be ready to be distributed for free via Vimeo on January 22nd, 2016.
Anything else you want to add? 
We would like to welcome you all to be apart of this project that not only mean a lot to us, but to the world wide Harry Potter fan base!

Catch the dark queen played brilliantly by actress Tory Taranova who is casted in Boyhood director, Richard Linklater’s new film, the sequel to Dazed and Confused, “Everybody Wants Some”!

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