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21 February 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal

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Sailor Moon Crystal

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep love for these five amazing super power teenagers. They all have very different personalities and can kick any bad dudes butt without a second thought. There are so many groups of grown women (and men) that spend time each day sharing their love. We call ourselves “Moonies.”  What is it that makes us “grown ups” still crazy for Sailor Moon? I say that maybe we all want a chance to hold onto the things we loved in our lighter more innocent days past. Also now we have our own money and don’t have to ask mommy and daddy to buy us toys anymore! Whatever it is, there are a growing amount of adult consumers for these fantastic memorabilia items.

We love what makes us geeks and we are not afraid to show it!


Why I love Sailor Moon

As a long time lover of the Sailor Moon story line I felt its my responsibility to share with the world just how amazing it is. So for me, it all started when I saw Sailor Moon on TV for the very first time. It was 1992 and I was a bright eyed 9 year old and it took me! I loved the transformation and the accessories The girls were such cool and fantastic teenagers which every little girl dreams of becoming as soon as possible. I was hooked!  I grew up and had a long long sailor moon lull. In my twenties though I got interested in Manga and I wanted to find something I would like in a huge store wall to wall of Japanese manga titles as I strolled along I saw it the beautiful letters Sailor Moon!!! I pulled it off the shelf and brought it close in to my face took a deep breath in and smelled the fresh smell of new print. I had to have it! So I started to buy every sailor moon Manga I could find. The latest series I have read its Sailor Moon Crystal. This is the story original from the first moment Usagi meets Luna and becomes Sailor Moon. As a amazing stroke of luck as I am about half way through the series of manga when it’s announced that the Sailor Moon crystal show is soon to come out in English subtitles! I was of course uncontrollably happy. The first show finally came to air on Crunchy-roll and Hulu and such other Anime websites on July 5th. We are now 4 episodes in and we must wait 2 weeks between each new show!


Sailor Moon Crystal is the story of the birth of our beloved Sailor Moon and her awesome comrades Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus. We get to see the whole story from the beginning again. Whether your an old fan or a new one,  you will enjoy this manga set and the Anime series. The new show has a nicely upgraded animation and because it’s in Japanese you will notice that some of the details are slightly different. One difference I can think of  is that they use their original Japanese names rather than their English names you may have (like me) been familiar with.

There is a huge demand for connectable items such as the sailors wands broaches and transformation pens. There is an incredible amount of cool stuff you can buy over the internet at places like hot topic.

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Our love of the Sailor girls continues into our adulthood. We are proud of what we like and maybe that makes us geeks, well then that’s better! We love to be geeks, geeks are awesome! Let your Geek out!  Whether you love Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,Venus or all of the Sailor teem, we’re united as Moonies. A strong and unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

 If you haven’t fallen in love with these amazing tough girls yet, you might want to give them a chance. To all  you hard core Moonies, Sailor Moon Forever!

Krystal Simons

Krystal Clear Photography

Krystal Clear Photography

Krystal Clear Photography

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