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26 February 2018

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 5

One year in and the campaign is still going strong. A year of playing myself has taught me many things. For one, the trials of warfare have hardened my character. He no longer suffers from a reluctance to kill. He is unforgiving and has become the sort of person you never want to threaten for he will strike without warning the moment he thinks you are a danger.

The party has changed a lot over the past year of gaming, actually several years in game. They are a violent bunch who does not respect the laws of any place they travel. They do as they wish and to hell with the consequences. I have learned whom I can trust and whom is never to be trusted. Who is smart and who is stupid. I have learned that I am not as bright as I would tend to think I am and my penchant for patience is nonexistent.

When you play yourself as a character you begin to imagine life differently than it really exists. You begin to draw attachments that you might have never noticed before. You discover the things in life that matter and you discover that most of the day to day drama of the real world is just that, drama. The drama in the game gives you a release of emotions, a release of inner violence, and best of all, a chance to be something more than you really are.

For better or worse, playing yourself as a character is an experience all role players should try at least once in their career. Otherwise they may be missing some of the best gaming of their lives.

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