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22 February 2018

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 4


Death is a part of every role playing game. We hope that the deaths will be some non playing character, preferably a bad guy. Sometimes it is a friend or loved one. Sometimes it is your character. So what do you do when that character is YOU?

The death of YOU as a character has a strong emotional element that is hard to describe. I have played several games over the years with ME as the character and I have died a couple of times. The loss of the character seemed to impact me much greater than the loss of other characters. When another character dies it is like using an old friend or pet dog. It tears you up. It makes you depressed. It leaves you wishing you had done something more to keep him alive. Hopefully he had a good death and died for some glorious goal. More likely than not, he died for treasure or some other material thing. You move on.

Now when you lose the character that is YOU it is like losing a child or parent. It hits you so hard that you may not want to role play ever again. It makes you feel inadequate and angry and you may strike out at your friends. Losing the character that was YOU is an open wound with salt in it. It hurts. It may even make you break down and cry.

Some games have an out for you. If your game has magic, maybe you can be resurrected. If your game deals with time travel or other dimensions, you may be able to play another alternate of yourself. This means that the loss of YOU wasn’t really a loss at all. It may have been some other guy. The important thing to remember when playing yourself as a character, is not to become too invested. Otherwise you are courting disaster.

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