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21 February 2018

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 3

As mentioned in previous posts, Role Playing with YOU as the character is an exploration of the game EABA and the Timelords setting.

The humility you feel when you see yourself boiled down to simple numbers is immense. But now you have gotten over it and are involved in the game. The adventure is great but it not some made up guy you want to become. You are playing yourself as the character. This means you really don’t want to die. Suddenly dangers that would never even phase another character, have you taking a moment to think.

Are you good enough to get in a blazing gun fight with alien soldiers? Probably not. So what does this mean? Go home? You don’t have a home left. So now you need to think. You plan. You execute. You take on dangers with the minimum possible risk to your or your friends. Suddenly you are playing with a mind towards tactics. You are seeing the game in a different light. You are growing up as a role player.

Real world relationships are complicated. When you play yourself as a character, the in game relationships take on new levels of complexity. Say you have a wife int he real world but your in game version of her gets killed. Do you move on in the game? How does the real world version of your wife take this? Are you messing with your real world life? Be careful as you are treading on tricky ground.

In our current game my real world wife is missing. Likely she was killed during the initial alien invasion a year ago. I had to think long and hard about this. I decided my character has moved on. He has new girlfriend. How I role play this new life is tricky because I don’t want to piss off my real world wife. It makes me play more cautiously than I might have done so with another character. Our games are very adult. We explore adult themes and we take the game to levels most players would never dream of. We do not worry about offending each other but our out of game spouses have to be considered when we are playing characters based on the real us.

Honesty is always hard when playing yourself. It is hard to admit that you are not as smart as you think you are. You are not as fast, or as quick, or as skilled. The numbers don’t lie, you do. You lie to yourself every day but now you have been boiled down to a series of numbers and statistics and you look very different than you imagine yourself. Now think about an outsider looking in. They know you are playing with you as the character and they will take in all of your actions in the game. They will judge the real you. If you are playing honestly, your friends may discover dark secrets you wanted to keep hidden. They may discover that you are a coward or a racist or worst. Your character reveals things that you hadn’t considered and now you worry, has this affected my friendships. Be careful, you never know how the game is going to unveil the real you outside of the game. When playing a D&D barbarian, you act the rapist warrior thief because that is your character. Well how do you act when it is suppose to be you in the aftermath of a battle? Do you take spoils of war? Do you partake in the frenzy of immoral activity that follows the fight? Do you lie  to or steal from your friends?

Playing yourself as the character has now gotten complicated on so many levels. Do you still want to push this kind of game. If so then maybe you should read from our campaign notes and see if it might work for you.

This story originally appeared in Not The Singularity

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