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21 February 2018

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a projectile-based sports FPS where you race around a dance club in jet-powered robots, launch off skate park ramps and nail each other with exploding glow-in-the-dark dodgeballs. Every shot is a one-hit-kill and you can deflect and catch enemy fire or perform a wide array of trick shots for bonus points or just to show off. Now the game play is a little over stimulating for the minds eye. Lights flash in every direction. Enemies are rolling all around you. Balls bouncing in nearly every direction. It is a chaotic jumble of fun, energized action, and a groovy sound track.

Some interesting things about the game are:

  • Currently the #4 best-rated game on Steam
  • Currently the #1 best-rated multiplayer game on Steam
  • Spent one year in Early Access maintaining a >99% positive review rating

I had a brief talk with Erik Asmussen about his exciting little game;

What is Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball?
It’s first-person sports shooter where you race roller-skate robots around a skate park / dance club and pelt each other with neon-infused dodgeballs.
What inspired this RRDDD?
I’ve just always loved projectile combat it games, and just struck me that first-person dodgeball would make an amazing game and was kind of surprised it hadn’t really been done yet. It’s simple enough that I could handle it as a solo developer, everybody already knows how to play, it’s 100% projectile warfare, allows you do things like catch, bounce and dodge ‘bullets’ which are unheard of in most multiplayer shooters, and allows for a wide range of crazy trick shots. The roller-skate aspect emerged during the prototype phase as a means to get more height off your jumps and balance out the difficulty of long-range shots by affording a bit better movement prediction.
The lights, speed, and sound combine for an intense experience. Were you on drugs when you made this game?
Haha, nope! I’ve always been a fan of the kind of electronic music that you can appreciate without being on some kind of mind-altering substance. I think if someone needs drugs to enjoy your work then you haven’t really done your job as an artist. I actually hate a lot of electronic music for this very reason, it’s just boring and repetitive and clearly written for people that are out of their mind. A really good song or game can have powerful cognitive effects on their own. That said I definitely enjoy pouring myself a tall glass of bourbon or something and playing Disco Dodgeball for a few hours.
What does the future hold for RRDDD?
I have a huge list of updates planned – more game modes, powerups, levels, and customization options but the most exciting thing for me is building some tools for the community so they can build stuff like this on their own and share it with the rest of the players. It’s the kind of thing that could dramatically increase the lifetime of the game. Also I’d love to add local multiplayer at some point, I think it could make an amazing game to play on the couch with your friends.
Any other projects on the drawing board?
I have a few prototypes and ideas that I take notes on every now and then, one of which I think has some really good potential. I think it has that ‘why hasn’t this been done before’ aspect that Disco Dodgeball has. But I’m not quite ready to really get started on it because there’s so much work I still want to do on this current game.
Where can I get RRDDD and how much?

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