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21 February 2018

Roberto Ramirez Cosplay

Roberto Ramirez is a rarity in the cosplay world. A father who cosplays with his son and got his inspiration at Disney. I wish we would see more parent/child team ups and am inspired by Roberto’s diligence and skill. He may be new to the Cosplay world but I see great things in his future and look forward to seeing that future unfold. Lets see what Roberto had to say;

getPart1How did you get into Cosplay?

I am deaf. Me and my family are Disney lovers and we go often with annual passes. Going there to star wars weekends was when my interest in stars wars grew. My then 9 years old son wanted me to make him star wars costumes. First I made him an anak in costume. Then I made him a Boba Fett costume and we went to SWCVI for the first time. I was hooked!

getPartgruTell me about your first convention in costume?
My first convention in costume was fanboy expo a couple years ago.  I was dressed as Gru from ‘Despicable Me.’
It was notable because I wear glasses and with the mask on my glasses were completely fogged from perspiration. It was like a mirror coming out of the shower. I was completely blind and nearly had a panic attack. I had to peer above my glasses to be able to see which wasn’t much since I am legally blind buy it helped see my surrounding and after adjusting my breathing my glasses cleared a little bit.
What has been your most memorable Cosplay experience?
My most memorable experience happened with my son last year. We went to Star Wars Weekends and he was dressed as Boba Fett. It was around 10 AM and we wanted to see Jeremy Bulloch at his booth. There was a long line of people that came by around 2:00AM to get tickets to see him. Once the limited tickets were depleted they issued stand by passes which don’t guarantee a meeting. The line was quite long and there was little chance for us to meet with him. We didn’t have anything, not even stand by passes. But one of his handlers told us not to leave because Jeremy wanted to meet my son in costume. Right before Jeremy was to leave to go on the parade he met with us, talked with my son, took pics and signed his helmet. A lot of people got upset because we were allowed to cut in, but it made our day.
Personally for me nothing stands out as of yet. I haven’t been going to conventions for long and for a good deal of the time I worked on weekends and missed a lot.  I feed off the excitement of people when they see me as Gru and they hug me and take pics. Kids sometimes are amazed as if I was the real thing.
getPart4How did you discover the 501st Legion?
I first discovered the 501st when I went to CVI, but it wasn’t until a year later at SWW when I talked to a guy that directed me to the forum that I joined.
Was it difficult to join them?
It was pretty easy to join. After I joined on the forum I had limited access. I went to some of the events as a handler helping the other guys in costume and any needed tasks. Once my costume got approved I became a full member and able to access other parts of the forum and buy merchandise.
What has your experience with the 501st been like?
Since I joined as a handler with the 501st it has been an awesome experience not only for me but my whole family. They are incredibly accommodating. Everybody comes from all walks of life and backgrounds. When I meet with them at an event or a party I get the distinct feeling that I am among friends. As varied as we are, our love for Star Wars, costumes, games, movies, all geeky and nerdy things are a constant and meeting for a worthy cause raising money for charity and putting smiles in kids or adults faces makes an excellent excuse to get out of the house.
 getPartIf you could pull off your ultimate cosplay wish list, who would you become?
I’ve been building a Jango Fett, but I’ve been lacking on that costume. I am building everything from scratch except for the shoes, gloves and Blasters. When I get a professional Gru mask it will be a formidable costume. I am interested in General Grievous but I was told it is not an approvable costume because it is a puppet. Generally I go where the wind takes me. I believe I can build anything if I put my mind to it.
 What conventions do you regularly attend?
The conventions I have attended are Megacon, TBCC, Fanboy Expo, Galaxy comic con, Clearwater comic con and a host of small events in central Florida. I plan to go to the bigger ones when it is permissible. San Diego is definitely on the list!


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