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22 February 2018

REVIEW: Where Demons Dwell

Ryan Callaway is an extraordinary director. I have watched thousands of independent films in my day, and most require some degree of disbelief and if you are lucky the special effects are at least entertaining, if not believable. Callaway does a great job of giving us something more.

In Where Demons Dwell we see the day to day grind of the characters and this grind is sometimes tough to watch but in the end, it is all worth it. This slow grind allows us to become connected the the characters and truly feel for them when the shit hits the fan. It is this investment in character development that sets his films apart from the cookie cutter ghost stories.

In the Girl in the Cornfield, we saw some truly innovative directing and writing. The scene in which a young girl watches the evening news and see her own murder reported, is to say the least, disturbing. In Where Demons Dwell, we explore other mind altering scenes. When Adelaide finds herself in a basement, armed with a knife, the suspense was very intense. You cant pull off that kind of intensity without good music, well timed movements, and ultimately an actor that can demonstrate palpable fear.

Ryan does a good job of avoiding classic cliches in ghost stories and for that I am grateful. His use of lighting and odd camera angles helps to make the movie come to life. Overall I was quite pleased with this sequel and pleasantly surprised with the choice of cast. Michelle Lulic and Madeline Lupi play well off of each other. Madeline, as always, was phenomenal and very believable in her role as sole survivor of the last film. Hiram Ortiz, a newcomer to the film world, was dead on as the father. Mollie Sperduto, was just plain disturbing but that is said as a compliment. The cast as as a whole was entertaining.

When Where Demons Dwell comes to a film festival near you, take the time to check it out. I advice watching the awesome, The Girl in the Cornfield first if you can. It will make watching Where Demons Dwell all that more sweeter.


Addendum: 01/14/2017

Where Deoms Dwell is now available on Amazon Prime. Go check it out!!!


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