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22 February 2018

REVIEW: The Zeeq Smart Pillow

The Zeeq Smart Pillow is said to be one of the comfiest pillows in the world. I have to disagree, it took me several nights to get use to it. The pillow is huge and I tend to sleep with a smaller pillow. You can add stuffing to it or take some out, which is a nice feature for customizing the fit. Now once I got use to it, I did sleep better so maybe there is something to it. Only time will tell. The material the pillow is made out of, seems to heat me up too. This is great right now, cold nights, but will it be the same in summer?

The pillow actually plays music for the sleeper. You can choose your favorite source for music and set sleep timers so the pillow will even wake you up. The pillow wakes you up in a way that is supposedly intelligent. There is an app that is included with the pillow you can use to control everything.

Zeeq uses your sleep movements, it records them and uses them to wake you up at the ideal time during your sleep cycle. It is designed to help end groggy mornings. Zeeq is supposedly the most comfortable pillow you will ever own. The pillow will also tell you how sound your rests are. It will let you know when you toss and turn and help you to achieve much healthier sleep patterns. With the help of the pillow, supposedly you’ll be able to easily hit deep sleep.

The sleep score doesn’t seem very accurate because it assumes that the second you push the button, you are asleep. If you forget to push the button as soon as you are awake, the pillow thinks you are still asleep (even if you are no longer in bed). I don’t see a way around this without additional data points like heart rate or gyroscope attached to the person being tracked. Maybe they can develop an add-on that goes under the sheet that could grab heart rate to measure depth of sleep (this is one area where trackers like Microsoft Band do well – but wearing things on your wrist in bed stinks) and at least body pressure so that if you get out of bed (and stay out for x minutes), the software retroactively kills the sleep schedule from the point that you got out of bed.

The snore alarm gives false alarms when you move around a lot. I cannot say for sure if the alarm actually works as intended since I can see lots of snore monitor activity triggering when there is motion but not much without Motion. Zeeq claims it will help you eliminate snoring and restless sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. According the manufacturers of Zeeq, the pillow will help improve your sleep quality and quantity and eventually your entire life. Hard to tell as I tend to be alseep while snoring. Maybe a camera through the night will give me a clearer image of this function.

Currently on their page, the most affordable order option is a single Zeeq Smart Pillow for $199.00, which is discounted from the full retail price of $299.00.

Overall, I dig this pillow. After two weeks of use, I seem to be sleeping more sound and waking more easily. So while I do have issues with a few things, the overall package seems to deliver as they claim. To be honest I am surprised at this and will continue to use this pillow for a while to see what other things I can discover about it.

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