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23 February 2018

REVIEW: Lucid Dreams by Andre Kruppa

Andre Kruppa is a master storyteller that takes his players to dimensions beyond the normal game master. His style is scary, gritty, and somewhat shocking. He is best known for his Call of Cthulhu games at conventions where he is a fan favorite. As such, when I first heard of his game Lucid Dreams, I was ready for a Lovecraftian experience. Instead I got a well rounded game that can be used in just about any setting. Written from a modern point of view this game offered me the chance to run games ranging from conspiracy, to horror, to action, and more. It is shy on the magical side of things (for players) but keeping those elements in the hands of the storyteller, allows him to present a game that keeps the heroes working to overcome their adversary with intelligence, planning, and tactics. I like the game as a whole.


Here’s what Andre has to say about his own game, “This role-playing game provides a framework for darker, grittier play that is suitable for a variety of periods, from the Stone Age to the near future. Rules are provided for the skill, social conflict, and combat elements, as well as for a variety of resources, from wealth and retainers to agents and military force. Rules for courage, fear, terror, and insanity help with tales ranging from daring action stories to detective noir and especially Lovecraftian / cosmic horror. Mechanics also cover organizations as the bond and force that can help drive many campaigns.

The experience system rewards skill use and has provision for training. Die mechanics use a small pool of ten-sided dice with open-ended re-rolls that afford the opportunity for occasional spectacular results and allow for fast resolution to keep play progressing. Emphasis is placed on favoring higher levels of skills over lower levels, making expertise stand out. A vicious combat system emphasizes the consequences of shock and damage without undue complexity. Organizations can be created to help provide support for characters and impetus for adventure!

The Lucid Dreams Role-playing Engine is a tool kit for use in a variety of settings, with some rules to be used or not, depending upon the needs of the game. Storytelling is as old as humanity, and role-playing is one of the many ways we can collectively participate in this great art. Adventure and excitement can be yours!”


Role playing games are my personal forte and Lucid Dreams allows me to immerse myself into a fun gritty game. Combat is deadly, fear, horror, and courage are all rewarded with consequences. The game is classless which is my preference as I like characters that are people not cookie cut templates. For my test run I made up some famous action heroes such as Rambo, Martin Riggs, and Matt Hunter. The game was fast and furious and allowed me to stretch its limits. I loved it.  One system for all time periods and most genres, Simply beautiful Finally, the rules are easy to learn and play. You can buy the game here



Andre works with a great crowd over at Dark Phoenix Events. where he runs a theatrical style game with a presentation designed to create an immersive role-playing experience. Characters are provided with modest biographies and description to give players a solid role to play. Lights, sound, music, handouts, and some props are used to help set the scene and the mood. Players should expect a solid session and some fun role-playing opportunities. What does this mean for you. It means you can play with Andre and learn from the master himself. Well worth checking out. If not with Dark Phoenix, then look for him at your favorite gaming conventions.

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